What is the FBC?
The FBC is a national bike club that originally started in St. Louis. Since then it has expanded to cities across North America. This little Full-moon Bike Club holds a ride every...well, full moon, called The Full Moon Fiasco...creative but descriptive. We will normally meet at Eichardt's at a specific time. The ride routes and destinations (for more revelry) are a mystery known by only a handful. Rides are meant to be social as we stay in a group and keep both length and speed of rides low. We obey traffic laws and are NOT a critical mass, parade or demonstration.

How do you become a member?
Easy. Show up on one of our rides, ride with us and upon completion you will become a FBC Lifetime Member for Life. Some rides will have themes and others will not, but all rides will feature a creative little spoke card that you can take home to remind you of the good times.  It will cost you a buck and your generous donation will help fund prizes, special events and whatever else we deem necessary to make the night fun. Although joining is easy, getting out is...well, we have no exit plan. So, if you are afraid of commitment, this may not be the place for you.

OK, the FBC has two simple rules: DO NOT be an asshole and have fun!  Particulars would include respect traffic laws and your fellow riders. Riders are expected to ride in uniform, in our traffic lane, not impeding traffic and act as if  you were riding through town with your mom watching. We want to relay a positive image for fellow cyclists, motorists and other members in our community. Lastly, we have two requests (not rules): wear a helmet (this is not a law either) and put lights on your bike (this is actually a law).

Final thought...
While we want to be a positive cycling image in our community and promote cycling as a fun form of personal expression, transportation and exercise...we focus on bike rides and fun. The FBC has no formal organization or leadership. However, Sandpoint has a very active and powerful bike organization representing all forms of cycling called the Pend Oreille Pedalers. We suggest joining them and supporting the cause!