Sunday, April 5, 2020

Full Moon Fiasco 101 in Review

Our last ride celebrated 8 years of doing these full moon rides. It is kinda a grand event, so people come dressed in formal attire. 50+ riders joined in on a cruise that took us through South Sand.

We ended at Idaho Pour Authority.If you didn't already know, Jon and Vicki recently sold IPA to Ben and Jeannie Higgs (who also own the Powder Hound). All 4 owners were on hand for the event as they opened up special hours just for the full moon ride. It was a bitter, sweet ending as Jon and Vicki have created such a unique business in downtown Sandpoint. They have done a lot for our community. And they have been big supporters of FBC Sandpoint since the beginning. They will be missed, but I'm sure they have an exciting new chapter of their life to start. Stoked to see Ben and Jeannie take the helm. Congrats!

Anyways, we also unveiled the Rolling Juke Box for the ride! We bumped some tunes and even got to take it in IPA to show it off. I'm pretty sure 90s gangster rap has never been played in IPA before...and pretty sure it will never happen again.

We crowned Matt our FBC Sandpoint Member of the Year. We only had 1 award to give, but if we had 2 we would have given one to his wife as well. Him and his wife, Erin, never seem to miss a ride. They usually always dress up. They are always bringing new riders along. They have never violated our #1 rule of "never being an asshole." In fact, they are always smiling, positive and bring an amazing energy to the rides. They have become great assets to the club, and stoked to seem themm every month.

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