Thursday, March 7, 2019

Full Moon Fiasco 89

Let's try this birthday thing again...

When: Wed, Mar 20th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Formal Birthday Attire

The roads were less than ideal for our last ride, so we postponed our annual birthday celebration of this little bike club until this ride. Weather will be better. I promise. Either way, there will be no postponing again.

Feeling lazy, so here is a "Copy & Paste" of the creative words penned for last months ride...which now happen to apply to this month's ride as well...

"FBC Sandpoint is turning 7!! I know, hard to believe. None of you look that old.

This evening will be a pretty big deal.  There will be some live music (or at least a good chance).  There will be some embarrassing stories of FBC Sandpoint's younger days (highly good chance).  There will be awards for Best Dressed male/female (highly, highly good chance).  There will be a bike ride (most def).  There will be the crowning of the highly coveted FBC Sandpoint Member of the Year (for sure).  There will be some random goodies given away (hot damn)."

Full Moon Fiasco 88 in Review

As most of you know, February can by iffy around here when it comes to weather. FBC Sandpoint had it's very first ride way back in February 2012. Hence, we always try and celebrate the birth of this fine club on our February ride every year. Well, some years weather is good and we have lots of riders, other years (like this year) the weather is not so grand.

Of course, when planning a celebration you want to have lots of people. So, birthday festivities were postponed from our February ride to our next ride on March 20th.

Back to this ride, some 30+ riders braved the rather slick street and gathered at Eich's. It was a clear, beautiful night. We tried to stick to the more "clear" streets around town, but it didn't seem to matter. All the downtown streets were slick. Amazingly there were no casualties on the ride.

We ended our ride at the Hydra. It has been quite awhile since we have been to the Hydra, but they were stoked to have us. FBC Sandpoint Lifetime Member for Life Steve happened to be having a birthday, and a rather long spank train ensued. Unfortunately, there were some causalities involved. Thanks to Hailey and the rest of the staff for their hospitality and staying open late just for us.

For visuals, click HERE.