Thursday, January 31, 2019

Full Moon Fiasco 87 in Review

Our first ride of 2019 was off the I think the kids would say. It started innocent enough at Eich's. 20+ socializing and eventually we mounted our bikes and strolled into the night. While we were inside, a nice blanket of snow had collected on the streets. Huge snowflakes continued to fall from the sky as we did a loop through West Sand. The night was quiet and you could hear the snow compressing under your bike tires. Some people laid some skids, and we reminisced how this was one of the best conditions for a full moon ride.

We eventually arrived at Mitzy's Lounge. There we found heat, a lot of it. It actually was kinda like a sauna, it must have been close to 85 degrees in there. As we all peeled off layers, we ordered drink to try and cool down. We took a nice group photo. We quickly got the feeling that the 2 young gals keeping the bar were not into staying anywhere past closing; they must have been anxious to head home to shovel snow. A few riders bid us a farewell for the evening, while the bulk of us decided to head out to Popsicle Bridge and do a long loop back to town to A&Ps. The conditions were even better as we left Mitzy's. We did a stroll through the CX course on Boyer and stopped at Popsicle Bridge. There a family of beavers put on a show, slapping their tails and doing laps along the bridge. There was a little snowball fight. Finally, we said goodbye to the beavers and made our way back to town.

A&Ps was a lot less hot. The drinks were just as good. We told more stories and wrapped up the evening. It was an amazing double full moon ride, and set the bar high for the rest of the year.

For visuals, click HERE.

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