Monday, August 20, 2018

Full Moon Fasco 82

Summer is winding down...

When: Mon, Aug 27th @8pm
Where: Eich's
Theme: Rock Your Bike

You should have heard by now, we have been holding a fundraiser to get a new apparatus to provide tunes on our monthly rides. If not, you can read about it HERE. We will be selling raffle tickets (and taking general donations) for the bike and Shotz Ski before the ride at Eich's. Then we will draw winners at our ride destination.

So, in honor of all this musicness, our theme is Rock Your Bike. Now before you get pissed and punch your computer wondering what kinda theme that is supposed to be, let me talk ya down. You know how you have a favorite band? And if you don't like music, well, you should check your pulse and make sure you are alive. Anyways, we all have have that band or music that speaks to us, whatever it may be. So, represent that on the ride. Concert shirts, KISS makeup, band patches, MC Hammer pants, big hair...would be some ideas. We will celebrate music as we roll the last ride of the summer months.

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