Saturday, July 21, 2018

We Need Music Again

Remember the trike-a-boom? Well, those were kinda cool days. We would have a rolling DJ along for our rides. But it died. And it was plagued with problems. And so, the brain trust here at FBC Sandpoint hatched an improved version over some beers.

Termed the Rolling Jukebox, this cool bike trailer will quickly and easily attach to any bike. It will have very wide, knobby tires making it usable year round...or at least almost year round. It will also house a marine grade (water proof) bumping stereo system, so we can have tunes on our ride. Stereo will be bluetooth. Trailer will have a speaker tower...kinda like you see on a boat. It will be awesome. However, all said and done it will cost close to $1,000.

So, we are holding a raffle, well not just one but 2 raffles, to raise the monies. First item is a limited edition Belvedere Vodka single speed bike from Pure Fix Cycles. The second item is for a Shotzski. No description needed there, I think you all know what to do with that. Raffle tickets are $2/ticket or 3 tickets for $5 for either item. Raffle will occur on August full moon ride.

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