Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Full Moon Fiasco 79

Here comes summer...

When: Tue, May 29th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Don't be an Assh*le

As we enter the summer months and rider numbers start to increase, it is a good time to remind people what FBC Sandpoint is all about. If you are a Full Moon veteran this is a refresher. If you are new, consider this an induction.

First, if you have not read the FAQs Page on the FBC Sandpoint website, take a few minutes now and get up to speed. Done? If not, I will give you the cliff notes. The #1 rule of FBC rides is don't be an asshole.  This strong language effectively summarizes how you should be behaving when riding in this group, under the Full Moon. The goal of these rides is to gather riders to have fun each month, and to display a positive image of cyclists to our community. Therefore, we ask the following:

  • Respect fellow riders.
  • Respect motorists we are sharing the road with.
  • Respect traffic laws. Specifically, don't ride in opposing traffic lanes, don't ride down sidewalks and stay behind the front riders in OUR traffic lane.
  • Have lights on your bike.
  • These rides are R rated, meaning it is not recommended or safe for children

If you show up each month and follow these request, continue to do so...and thanks.  If you bring a new rider, tell them what is expected of them before hand, that is your responsibility as their sponsor.  And lastly, if you see someone acting ill, kindly remind them that you like the Full Moon rides, you want them to continue and their actions could jeopardize that.  Ultimately, the nature and future of the Full Moon rides rest in your hands...we here at FBC Sandpoint HQ cannot police 400 something riders.

If you cannot abide by the requests of this group, then don't come on the rides. Rider numbers and whether we have 50 or 400 riders doesn't matter one bit to me. What matters is that riders on FBC have a fun, safe ride and not be a assholes. Thanks for your time. See you then.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Full Moon Fiasco 78 in Review

You know how sometimes you come up with a plan, and you think it is just a damn good plan? You think it is creative, and everyone will just get it? That was our last Full Moon ride, themed "Tattoos and Zippers." Our ride happened to fall on these 2 nation holidays. Clearly a motorcycle inspired evening, right? Why would we do that? For one special FBC Sandpoint Lifetime Member for Life Dave. Dave loves motorcycles, beer and bikes. Dave serves beer and always seems to have to work on our ride nights. Several of our rides have ended at the fine establishment he works at, and he has served us with a smile. All the while sad inside as he missed another ride. Not this night though. He had the night off from work, and was determined to attend. And so the grand plan was hatched.

However, Dave did not show up for the ride. Bummer. Since Dave did not show up, people did not quite understand the theme. Bummer as well.

But 75+ riders still had an awesome night as the rain filled afternoon parted to a clear sky and beautiful moon.

Great to see so many old FBC Sandpoint Members for Life on this ride that we have not seen in a while...like last summer.

Thanks to Roxy's and staff for having us.

For visuals, click HERE.