Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 73

Last ride of the year...

When: Mon, Dec 4th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Festivus

Here we go! After 50+ years, everyone should know about Festivus. But if you don't, this little Seinfeld video will bring you up to speed.

A few things you should know. First, decorate your bike and yourself. It will help you get in the holiday spirit...unless you are already in the spirit, then you will already be excited to decorate. 

Next go shopping for a gift for our FBC gift exchange ($5 limit) and bring it wrapped and unmarked.

We will leave Eich's and do a shorter route through town while sticking to main arteries if there is foul weather. It is winter, and you may have noticed weather can change quickly around here. We will end our ride somewhere warm and full of glee. We will gather around our durable and strong aluminum pole, flanked by all our presents. In FBC Sandpoint style, there will be NO airing of grievances or feets of strength...well, there may be those things depending on the hour and amount of spiked eggnog.  Anyways, at our destination we will commence with our annual FBC Gift Exchange (if you don't bring a gift, you can sit in the corner like a old miserable scrooge) as we sip holiday cheer... and hopefully someone will have too much, get rowdy and embarrass themselves...hopefully it is not me.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 72 in Review

Our annual Thanks4giving ride is where we collect items for the Bonner County Food Bank. To make it interesting, we weigh everyone's food as they come into Eich's before the ride. We compile a list of riders and how much food, in pounds, each person/couple brought. Next we ride all this food over to the food bank. There we are greeted after hours by John. John is the awesome guy who keeps things organized and moving along at the bank. He also rides a bike. He is awesome. Anyways, he checks in all the food and gives us a grand total for the evening. Then when ride to our final destination, and we hand out prizes for those that brought the most food. Up to speed?

We had 20+ riders show up for the 6th installment of this ride. To be honest, I would have been happy if 5 riders showed up. We had a warming trend (surprise) which melted our existing snow and ice, followed by a good freeze. The roads were sheer icy. Riding a bike was tricky. Nonetheless, riders continued to file into Eich's with bags and bags of food. We weighed it all and then loaded it into trailers, panniers, baskets, backpacks and whatever else people brought to carry food. There was talk about not riding the food over to the bank this year, and maybe loading it in a car so we could do a much shorter and direct ride to our final destination. That talk DID NOT last long however, as the consensus was people came to ride, and regardless of the road conditions that is what we should do. However, we did compromise to having FBC Lifetime Member for Life Liz drive the food and meet us at the food bank.

We checked in almost 400lbs of food and $40 cash. The we rode to our final destination at Beets and Basil. No one went down on our ride, whew.

What does 392lbs of food and $40 do for the local food bank?  Well, to put this all in perspective, the Dept of Agriculture estimates the average person eats 4.7lbs of food per day.  $1 roughly buys you 1lb of food.  So, FBC Sandpoint's donation will feed approx 92 people for a 1 day.

FBC Lifetime Members for Life Brandon and Connie brought the most food for the evening at a whopping 80lbs! Amazing job! They were also the top givers last year. They got a prize. 2nd most weight was FBC Lifetime Members for Life Dick and Linda. Coincidently, they also got 2nd place last year. They got a prize as well.

After all the formalities, we partied down and Beets and Basil by the warm fire. We had some great games of Connect 4. Alex and the rest of the staff went way out of their way to may everyone feel welcome. It was a great night. We will definitely be visiting them again.

I am tired from all this typing. Thanks everyone that made Thanks4giving 6 such a great success. You should be proud of yourselves. I certainly am.

FYI, Festivus is our next ride on Dec 4th.

For visuals, click HERE.