Monday, October 2, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 70 in Review

OK, someone is behind here on doing stuff on the interweb. That someone apologizes. This will be short.

Our last ride was Back to School. This ride is wildly popular. The smoke was very, very bad...remember that? It seems long ago now. Anywho, we still over 100 riders on a pretty miserable night to ride. And so we did one of the longest FBC rides ever, out to the new Silo Bar in Ponderay. Thanks to Kara, Corey, Harmony and the rest of the staff. I must say, there was some concern with a new bar handling a group like this. Let me also just say that they were pro! They had extra bartenders, and handled the evening like pros. We will definitely be going back.

No pics this month because of someone...

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