Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 69 in Review

Some 275+ riders showed up for our 69th FBC Sandpoint ride. The Tour de France just finished, and so it was time for Le Tour de Sandpoint. Lots of people dressed up. We saw a lot of old FBCers and inducted many new members. The club continues to grow. Thanks to Eich's for having the alley open again with a separate outdoor bar.

We did a nice residential route through South Sand and wound our way back to the back door of the 219er. The staff there was great. We had an amazing night and you really can't ask for a better summer destination than the back patio of the 219er.

For visuals, click HERE.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 69

Hee, hee it's ride #69...

When: Mon, Aug 7th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Le Tour de Sandpoint

Ever heard the joke about a guy who asks for a "68?" Hear this and other of life's riddles on our next ride.

So, there is this bike race that just happened called the Tour de France. Now, before you yawn and tune out, let me say a few brief words: Peter Sagan. I, like a lot of people, was really looking forward to watching Sagan in this year's Tour. Early on he got disqualified. The call was most calls. But it eliminated one of the most colorful and exciting bike racers in our current era from competing. Personally, I lost interest in this year's Tour after that race day.

How does this related to our next ride? I have no idea, kinda lost my train of thought on tying this into the theme.

Anyways, we've done it before, we're doing it again. Le Tour de Sandpoint

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 68 in Review

Well, 275 riders showed up for our last ride entiled "Unasshole the FBC." I would say it went off fabulously! We had a great group and ride turned out amazing...except for that one guy who ran into the traffic sign while using his cell phone).

As we left Eich's, we swung down toward City Beach and took the Sandcreek Bike Path. We rode across Popsicle Bridge, which is always an adventure, and then headed down Boyer back toward town.

We ended at Mickduff's Brew Hall. It is another great location for a summer FBC. People were inside, outside by the fir pit, hanging out on the grass, mingling in the parking lot, playing corn was a damn fine time. Big, big thanks to Mack and the rest of the crew for being such fine hosts.

Don't let your positive spirit and attention to the #1 rule of FBC Sandpoint stay with the last ride, let's continue in that that vein for the rest of the year.

For visuals, click HERE.