Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 67

Soooo been waiting for June to get here...

When: Fri, June 9th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Best Friend

June has arrived. You would think weather would be all sunshine and warm temps. Well, think again. Looks like a 30 degree temp change this week, and we will be exchanging clear blue skies for thunderstorms. Maybe spring is really not done yet.

Anyway, back to why you are really here. Riding your bike. We will ride regardless of the weather.

Our next ride is on National Best Friend Day. So, bring your best friend on the ride. Maybe dress alike. Or don't. Or maybe wear one of those "I am with stupid" tee shirts with the arrow. No wait, that's not appropriate.

Just bring your best friend, cause it is always better to ride in the rain when with your bestie.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 66 in Review

Last ride we celebrated National Lost Sock Memorial Day. So, there were a lot of mismatched socks on the 175+ riders that gathered at Eichardt's. The alley was open and it was a nice night. But ride we must.

We did a nice stroll into West Sand and down Boyer. We crossed Popsicle Bridge and took the Ponderay Bike Path until we eventually ended at Laughing Dog Brewery's new location. Thanks to Fred, Johnny, Lou and Michelle for taking great care of us. They opened after hours just for us. We had an amazing parking lot party.

Thanks to the Sandpoint PD for holding up traffic so we could all stay together and safely cross 5th Avenue. With hundreds of people showing up for these summer rides, expect to see police cars near Eich's as we depart on the ride. They are not there to crack down on the rides. They are merely there to ensure that we can all stay as a group and safely navigate the main arteries as we leave downtown.

On another note, we got a msg a while back from some motivated riders down in Lewiston that wanted to start their own FBC Chapter. They were up for the ride. We chatted about what it takes to start and run this club. They were all in. So, we gave them our blessing. If you are ever in the area on a full moon, you should look them up and join them. They are good peeps.

For visuals, click HERE.