Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 63 in Review

Our last ride was our FBC Sandpoint Birthday ride, we turned 5.  You would think after 5 years of these rides, we would have pretty much seen it all.  You would think it would be hard to have many more "first."  Well, you would be wrong.  The weather was, well, how can I put this...a straight up shit show with an ice storm and flooded street.  Now, we ride every month regardless of what the weather may decide to throw at us.  And we have had some rides in bad weather and on equally bad roads.  This night really took things to a whole other lever.  The roads were kinda dangerous.  But as we always say,

"Whether snow, sleet, rain, flood, or just cold as shit...though sometimes late, we never cancel a ride."

So, 7 people showed up at Eich's for this monumental ride (7 riders is by far our lowest turnout ever, so that was the 1st "first").

Now, I am not gonna name any names here, but 1 loyal FBC Lifetime Member for Life decided to forgo riding on the treacherous streets and walk to the final destination.  While 2 other loyal FBC Lifetime Members for Life decided to drive.  Both of these actions were firsts, and hence the 2nd "first" of the evening).  Are you keeping up here?

You probably noticed the big black hole up there on your computer screen?  That is no mystery.  That is where we would normally post the spoke card for the ride.  However, we didn't hand out spoke cards for this ride.  That has never happened before, so there would be our 3rd "first."

We rode to Connie's, that was not where we planned to go either,  We basically picked it cause it was very close and easy to get to.  It was our shortest ride ever, and that makes it our 4th "first."

All these "first" lead to the group decision that we should postpone our Birthday Ride as we had originally planned and save it for next month when we will hopefully have much better weather, much better roads, and in turn, much more people will turn out to help FBC Sandpoint celebrate their 5th Birthday.  Stay tuned for a post on that.  Oh, and postponing our Birthday Ride?  Never happened before, so that must be our 5th "first."

While most of the 7 people that showed up for the ride did not dress up in formal wear like requested for our Birthday Ride...which is what we always do.  FBC Lifetime Member for Life Bryn did.  And she went all out, with tons of style.  So, she got awards for Best Dressed for the evening.  There has never been a ride where only one person has dress up either, I guess we could call that the 6th "first."

For visuals, click HERE.

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