Thursday, December 28, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 74

First ride of 2018!

When: Tue, Jan 2nd @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Run it up the Flagpole

Well, as I sit here and type, we are getting pounded by another major snow storm. Conditions for our next ride may be challenging, but then again, no one said riding your bike EVERY full moon of the year was gonna be easy.

Our next ride happens to follow on the obscure holiday of, "Run it up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes it Day." The name of this holiday comes from the English language expression, run it up a flagpole and see if anyone salutes it, which means putting new ideas and ventures to test and to see if they gain acceptance and popularity, just like a flag would have respect by people saluting it.

So, I can see you scratching your head and wondering how this works as a ride theme. Well, first it is the start of a new year. Which often means it is a good time to try something new or make some change. That's what they say at least. Although, really anytime of the year is a good time to do those things.

Second, this holiday is about testing out those new ideas. This will be your chance to bounce your recently conceived new ideas off your fellow FBC friends in a warm and safe environment. You won't be judged or ridiculed for your lack of forethought or planning. Maybe you wanna start online dating? Bring it. Or maybe you wanna quite your job? Bring it. Maybe you wanna dye your hair purple? Bring it. Or maybe you wanna hit the road, travelling the country and playing sweet music with Josh Hedlund? Wait that me. Anyways, you get the idea. See you next week.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 73 in Review

Our annual Festivus ride happens every December. 30+ riders collected this year at Eich's dressed in their finest holiday threads. With wrapped gifts in hand, we had some holiday cheer and then headed out into the beautiful clear, cold night. I said we would do a shorter route, but I lied. The weather and roads were just too nice not to ride a little longer. We headed out to 41 South.

The fireplace was amazing. Emily and the rest of the staff were equally amazing at making sure everyone got plenty more holiday cheer.

We had our gift exchange which is always a hoot. The FBC Sandpoint Festivus pole was also on location in all its glory. This year's gift highlights included: frosty the snowman cut out, rubber band gun, pregnancy test/drug test, bottle of wine...and I'm sure some others I can't remember.

Lastly, a special thanks to FBC Lifetime Member for Life Christine for providing musical instruments at 41 South. It was truly a fine evening.

For visuals, click HERE.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 73

Last ride of the year...

When: Mon, Dec 4th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Festivus

Here we go! After 50+ years, everyone should know about Festivus. But if you don't, this little Seinfeld video will bring you up to speed.

A few things you should know. First, decorate your bike and yourself. It will help you get in the holiday spirit...unless you are already in the spirit, then you will already be excited to decorate. 

Next go shopping for a gift for our FBC gift exchange ($5 limit) and bring it wrapped and unmarked.

We will leave Eich's and do a shorter route through town while sticking to main arteries if there is foul weather. It is winter, and you may have noticed weather can change quickly around here. We will end our ride somewhere warm and full of glee. We will gather around our durable and strong aluminum pole, flanked by all our presents. In FBC Sandpoint style, there will be NO airing of grievances or feets of strength...well, there may be those things depending on the hour and amount of spiked eggnog.  Anyways, at our destination we will commence with our annual FBC Gift Exchange (if you don't bring a gift, you can sit in the corner like a old miserable scrooge) as we sip holiday cheer... and hopefully someone will have too much, get rowdy and embarrass themselves...hopefully it is not me.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 72 in Review

Our annual Thanks4giving ride is where we collect items for the Bonner County Food Bank. To make it interesting, we weigh everyone's food as they come into Eich's before the ride. We compile a list of riders and how much food, in pounds, each person/couple brought. Next we ride all this food over to the food bank. There we are greeted after hours by John. John is the awesome guy who keeps things organized and moving along at the bank. He also rides a bike. He is awesome. Anyways, he checks in all the food and gives us a grand total for the evening. Then when ride to our final destination, and we hand out prizes for those that brought the most food. Up to speed?

We had 20+ riders show up for the 6th installment of this ride. To be honest, I would have been happy if 5 riders showed up. We had a warming trend (surprise) which melted our existing snow and ice, followed by a good freeze. The roads were sheer icy. Riding a bike was tricky. Nonetheless, riders continued to file into Eich's with bags and bags of food. We weighed it all and then loaded it into trailers, panniers, baskets, backpacks and whatever else people brought to carry food. There was talk about not riding the food over to the bank this year, and maybe loading it in a car so we could do a much shorter and direct ride to our final destination. That talk DID NOT last long however, as the consensus was people came to ride, and regardless of the road conditions that is what we should do. However, we did compromise to having FBC Lifetime Member for Life Liz drive the food and meet us at the food bank.

We checked in almost 400lbs of food and $40 cash. The we rode to our final destination at Beets and Basil. No one went down on our ride, whew.

What does 392lbs of food and $40 do for the local food bank?  Well, to put this all in perspective, the Dept of Agriculture estimates the average person eats 4.7lbs of food per day.  $1 roughly buys you 1lb of food.  So, FBC Sandpoint's donation will feed approx 92 people for a 1 day.

FBC Lifetime Members for Life Brandon and Connie brought the most food for the evening at a whopping 80lbs! Amazing job! They were also the top givers last year. They got a prize. 2nd most weight was FBC Lifetime Members for Life Dick and Linda. Coincidently, they also got 2nd place last year. They got a prize as well.

After all the formalities, we partied down and Beets and Basil by the warm fire. We had some great games of Connect 4. Alex and the rest of the staff went way out of their way to may everyone feel welcome. It was a great night. We will definitely be visiting them again.

I am tired from all this typing. Thanks everyone that made Thanks4giving 6 such a great success. You should be proud of yourselves. I certainly am.

FYI, Festivus is our next ride on Dec 4th.

For visuals, click HERE.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 72

This is installment 6 of Thanks4giving.

When: Fri, Nov 3rd at 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Thanks4giving 6

If you are new to FBC, and amazingly we still keep getting new riders, this ride is about collecting food for the Bonner County Food Bank. Holidays are coming and the need for food items during this time of year is greater than any other time. So, here is where you can help.

Last year we raised 609 lbs of food and also took in $100 in cash donations. Our goal every year is to BEAT THE PREVIOUS YEAR'S TOTALS!

Regarding your money for the evening:

  • Save your dollar donation for a spoke will get 1 spoke card for FREE this month with any food donation
  • Save the money you might have spent on a costume this month, this evening is about giving
  • Save the money you would have spent on drinks at the ride destination--if you bring a food donation to Eich's you will get a coupon for 1 FREE drink at our secret destination
  • SPEND all this saved up money on food items for the Food Bank

Regarding the agenda for the evening:

  • You will bring your donated food items with you to Eichardt's at 7pm (you will NOT have to take them on the ride with you unless you want to) so bring as much as you can possibly handle.
  • You will try and bring food items that are on the following "need" list (although I'm sure they will take others): peanut butter, juice, coffee, breakfast cereal, canned fruit, mayo/mustard, jam, canned meat, canned beans, canned veggies, tuna, pasta, canned soup,and spaghetti sauce.  Do not bring homemade items/canned products, expired items, unmarked cans or anything opened...duh.
  • Everyone's food items will be weighed at Eichardt's and an individual weight list will be compiled
  • The FBCers who bring the most food (as weighed on our precision weighing device) will receive sweet prizes.

Once we have weighed all the food and determined our weight winners, we will load all this food into bike trailers, if you got a trailer or bike baskets bring them, and then we will all caravan over to the Food Bank. Once we have handed over all the food to the Food Bank rep (John), who is graciously coming in after hours to check all our food in, then we will head to our final destination. There we will find more good times, warm accommodations and oh, that FREE beer.

Don't wanna go shopping or haul food around? Then just bring a cash donation. However, you have to bring food in and get it weighed at 7pm if you wanna compete for prizes and the free beer.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 71 in Review

We rode for boobies for October, like we do every year. 140+ riders, most dressed in some pink, came in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All spoke card monies collected that night were donated to the Sandpoint Community Cancer Services...$150. Thanks to all those that dressed up, and supported the cause.

We did a rather long ride as the weather was just so nice that night. The route included a fast bomb down a somewhat sketchy alley, a tour through Lakeview Park and some meandering around South Sand.

Eventually, we ended our ride at the newly opened Back Door. In case you didn't know, it is located next to Baxter's on the corner of Cedar and 2nd. It is a great addition to our local bar scene. Huge thanks to Rich and the staff for their fine hospitality, we all had a great time handing out.

For visuals, click HERE.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 71

This ride is only 3 days away!
When: Thur, Oct 5th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Boobies are Important
This ride has become one of those annual traditions. It is breast cancer awareness month. Anymore, it is hard to say you don't know someone that has been affected by this. So, we will ride for boobies. Because boobies are important. Enough said.

These rides are fun, however this is a serious issue. And so, we will donate ALL spoke card monies and whatever other monies you all wanna donate that evening to Community Cancer Services here in Sandpoint.

Thanks and wear pink...and maybe bring a few extra dollars to donate.

Full Moon Fiasco 70 in Review

OK, someone is behind here on doing stuff on the interweb. That someone apologizes. This will be short.

Our last ride was Back to School. This ride is wildly popular. The smoke was very, very bad...remember that? It seems long ago now. Anywho, we still over 100 riders on a pretty miserable night to ride. And so we did one of the longest FBC rides ever, out to the new Silo Bar in Ponderay. Thanks to Kara, Corey, Harmony and the rest of the staff. I must say, there was some concern with a new bar handling a group like this. Let me also just say that they were pro! They had extra bartenders, and handled the evening like pros. We will definitely be going back.

No pics this month because of someone...

Friday, September 1, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 70

Get back to school...

When: Wed, Sept 6th @ 7pm (note switch to winter meet time)
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Back to School

Ahh yes, join in on what has become one of the most popular FBC rides of the year.

Remember back when the first day of school was approaching? You may of thought some of the following:

What will I wear? Do I cut holes in my jeans or not? Acid washed or plain denim? Sandals and tennis shoes? Tee shirt or button down? Skirt of shorts? Belt or no belt?

What groups will I hang with? The jocks, the emos, the stoners or the nerds? Or maybe I will be a loner? Or maybe I will be a free spirited "floater?"

What will I do for lunch? Do I brown bag it (socially risky)? Maybe hit the cafeteria...but then I have to decide at what table I will eat at. Maybe leave school grounds for Dairy Depot?

Do I ride the bus? Do I drive to school, wait do I even have a car? Maybe I can ride with a friend?

Feeling any anxiety thinking about all this? Well, don't you fret because on the FBC Sandpoint Back to School ride you don't have to worry about any of these things. Come as you are...although we really recommend you dress up. Ride what you got, make sure is a sound ride (with lights), but really ride whatever bike. We welcome all bikes and their riders. There will be no time worry as we ride under the full moon as one unified group of bicyclists.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 69 in Review

Some 275+ riders showed up for our 69th FBC Sandpoint ride. The Tour de France just finished, and so it was time for Le Tour de Sandpoint. Lots of people dressed up. We saw a lot of old FBCers and inducted many new members. The club continues to grow. Thanks to Eich's for having the alley open again with a separate outdoor bar.

We did a nice residential route through South Sand and wound our way back to the back door of the 219er. The staff there was great. We had an amazing night and you really can't ask for a better summer destination than the back patio of the 219er.

For visuals, click HERE.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 69

Hee, hee it's ride #69...

When: Mon, Aug 7th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Le Tour de Sandpoint

Ever heard the joke about a guy who asks for a "68?" Hear this and other of life's riddles on our next ride.

So, there is this bike race that just happened called the Tour de France. Now, before you yawn and tune out, let me say a few brief words: Peter Sagan. I, like a lot of people, was really looking forward to watching Sagan in this year's Tour. Early on he got disqualified. The call was most calls. But it eliminated one of the most colorful and exciting bike racers in our current era from competing. Personally, I lost interest in this year's Tour after that race day.

How does this related to our next ride? I have no idea, kinda lost my train of thought on tying this into the theme.

Anyways, we've done it before, we're doing it again. Le Tour de Sandpoint

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 68 in Review

Well, 275 riders showed up for our last ride entiled "Unasshole the FBC." I would say it went off fabulously! We had a great group and ride turned out amazing...except for that one guy who ran into the traffic sign while using his cell phone).

As we left Eich's, we swung down toward City Beach and took the Sandcreek Bike Path. We rode across Popsicle Bridge, which is always an adventure, and then headed down Boyer back toward town.

We ended at Mickduff's Brew Hall. It is another great location for a summer FBC. People were inside, outside by the fir pit, hanging out on the grass, mingling in the parking lot, playing corn was a damn fine time. Big, big thanks to Mack and the rest of the crew for being such fine hosts.

Don't let your positive spirit and attention to the #1 rule of FBC Sandpoint stay with the last ride, let's continue in that that vein for the rest of the year.

For visuals, click HERE.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 68

Mid summer's dream...

When: Mon, July 10th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Unasshole the FBC

I was listening to the radio the other day, and this song by Prophets of Rage came on. The song got me thinking, and I've noticed that there are a lot of new faces on the rides recently...and I mean a lot. Not uncommon for this time of year. But it reminds me that theses new riders probably don't know the rule of FBC Sandpoint or the goal of these Full Moon rides.

First, if you have not read the FAQs Page on the FBC Sandpoint website, take a few minutes now and get up to speed. Done? If not, I will give you the cliff notes. The #1 rule of FBC rides is don't be an asshole.  This strong language effectively summarizes how you should be behaving when riding in this group, under the Full Moon. The goal of these rides is to gather riders to have fun each month, and to display a positive image of cyclists to our community. Therefore, we ask the following:
  • Respect fellow riders.
  • Respect motorists we are sharing the road with.
  • Respect traffic laws. Specifically, don't ride in opposing traffic lanes, don't ride down sidewalks and stay behind the front riders in OUR traffic lane.
  • Have lights on your bike.
  • These rides are R rated, meaning it is not recommended or safe for children
If you show up each month and follow these request, continue to do so...and thanks.  If you bring a new rider, tell them what is expected of them before hand, that is your responsibility as their sponsor.  And lastly, if you see someone acting ill, kindly remind them that you like the Full Moon rides, you want them to continue and their actions could jeopardize that.  Ultimately, the nature and future of the Full Moon rides rest in your hands...we here at FBC Sandpoint HQ cannot police 400 something riders.

If you cannot abide by the requests of this group, then don't come on the rides. Rider numbers and whether we have 50 or 400 riders doesn't matter one bit to me. What matters is that riders on FBC have a fun, safe ride and not be a assholes. Thanks for your time. See you Monday.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 67 in Review

Last month's ride theme was Best Friend. Some 300+ riders came down to Eich's...or I guess you could say 150+ riders and their BFFs came down to Eich's.

Once it got dark enough, we left Eich's. The SPD was nice enough to once again be on hand to hold up traffic so all the riders could leave Eich's and the downtown corridor safely and as a group. Huge thanks to them for their continued support for these little rides.

We did a super quick spin through South Sand, then hit the Sagle Bike Path. We cruised on out to the Long Bridge Grill for our final destination. The LBG has always been super good to us, and this night was no different. It is a great venue for these rides. A large parking lot party ensued. Thanks Dan and crew! Oh, and the special reader board message was pretty sweet too.

After 67 of these rides, you would think new faces would become less and less. Not the case. I am always amazed and the new riders that show up every month.

For visuals, click HERE.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 67

Soooo been waiting for June to get here...

When: Fri, June 9th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Best Friend

June has arrived. You would think weather would be all sunshine and warm temps. Well, think again. Looks like a 30 degree temp change this week, and we will be exchanging clear blue skies for thunderstorms. Maybe spring is really not done yet.

Anyway, back to why you are really here. Riding your bike. We will ride regardless of the weather.

Our next ride is on National Best Friend Day. So, bring your best friend on the ride. Maybe dress alike. Or don't. Or maybe wear one of those "I am with stupid" tee shirts with the arrow. No wait, that's not appropriate.

Just bring your best friend, cause it is always better to ride in the rain when with your bestie.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 66 in Review

Last ride we celebrated National Lost Sock Memorial Day. So, there were a lot of mismatched socks on the 175+ riders that gathered at Eichardt's. The alley was open and it was a nice night. But ride we must.

We did a nice stroll into West Sand and down Boyer. We crossed Popsicle Bridge and took the Ponderay Bike Path until we eventually ended at Laughing Dog Brewery's new location. Thanks to Fred, Johnny, Lou and Michelle for taking great care of us. They opened after hours just for us. We had an amazing parking lot party.

Thanks to the Sandpoint PD for holding up traffic so we could all stay together and safely cross 5th Avenue. With hundreds of people showing up for these summer rides, expect to see police cars near Eich's as we depart on the ride. They are not there to crack down on the rides. They are merely there to ensure that we can all stay as a group and safely navigate the main arteries as we leave downtown.

On another note, we got a msg a while back from some motivated riders down in Lewiston that wanted to start their own FBC Chapter. They were up for the ride. We chatted about what it takes to start and run this club. They were all in. So, we gave them our blessing. If you are ever in the area on a full moon, you should look them up and join them. They are good peeps.

For visuals, click HERE.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 66

Can you believe it is May?

When: Wed, May 10th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: National Lost Sock Memorial Day

Yup, there really is such a day.  Ever wonder what happens to those socks from the hamper, to the washer, to the drier and out?  I certainly do.  I like socks.  I have lots.  And I have lost many a good sock mates to the phenomenon.  I don't throw them away.  I always keep them in hopes that their mate will turn up one day.  Amazing, I have had times where a few wash loads later, miraculously, a lost sock will turn up.  But I often wonder, when has the waiting gone long enough?  When should the remaining sock be put to rest?

Enter National Lost Sock Memorial Day, a day to honor those socks that have disappeared.  A day to bring closure to the mysterious loss.

We here at FBC Sandpoint HQ ask that you wear your single left over socks for the last time.  We will have a moment of silence for these lone socks sometime during the evening.  When you return home after the ride, you will not hold on to these socks looking for their mate any longer.  You will burn them, or better yet, re-purpose them as a dust cloth, or a place to dry your garlic, or a sock monkey, or a place to keep your marbles...the possibilities are endless.

As a fleeting thought, are you aware that your feet have about 250,000 sweat glands that are capable of producing about 1 cup of sweat a day?  Hence, socks are important.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 65 in Review

Our last ride happen to fall on National Librarian Day.  And so, of course we dressed like librarians.  We also did a lap around our fine library.  Then we rode down to Connie's and chatted about books, libraries, smart topics and drank very adult beverages.  It was a fine night of learning.

We finally had some very nice weather for the ride, and hence, we saw some 100 riders.

There were a lot of new FBC Lifetime Members for Life inducted.  Great to see so many new faces.  Except the kids that showed up on the ride unattended.  If you happen to be a parent, these rides are not for unsupervised kids.

Thanks to Connie's, Val, Jenna and the rest of the staff for their hospitality.

For visuals, click HERE.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 65

Maybe we can do a ride without rain?

When: Tue, April 11th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Librarian

With birthday celebrations over, it is time to get back to regular FBC Sandpoint business.

Note: We will be changing our ride meet/departure times to summer hours, meet at 8pm and depart at 9pm until Fall.

So, did you know there is a National Librarian Day?  A day to honor those hard working guys and gals at the local knowledge bank. Do you even go to the library? You should, it's a good place to get your learn on. And you pay for it, so there is that too. Anyways, we have a pretty sweet library, for a small town like Sandpoint. So, for this here upcoming ride, you are encouraged to dress like a librarian...I am not sure what that even means. But just do it.

We will ride, maybe look at some books, talk about important things and possible make a visit to said place. I also understand there may be some actual librarians on our ride. They will not be dressed up for the ride though, as they will purely be in there everyday clothes. I'm sure they will love to talk about the work they do.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 64 in Review

Last ride we celebrated little old FBC Sandpoint turning 5. It doesn't seem like you can really start to talk about FBC rides for 2017, unless you lead with the weather.  So, guess what?  It rained...again.

Regardless, 20 something riders showed up at Eich's in their fancy clothes to ride and honor the occasion.  We kept the ride route relatively short and ended at Ol' Red's Pub. Once there, we told stories, played connect 4, dumped quarters in the jukebox, danced (no wait that didn't happen), took some pics and gave away some swag.

Ahh yes, a word about the swag. We gave away some sweet items that were generously donated by the following:

Larson's Dept Store
Loaf & Ladle
MickDuff's Brewing
Ol' Red's Pub
Idaho Pour Authority
Evan's Brothers Coffee
Shotz Ski
Greasy Fingers Bikes N Repair

Thanks to those business for their continued support and make the evening just that much better.

Also, a special shout out to Emily and Kim for their fine hospitality for the evening, Ol' Red's is a pretty fun place to hang.

And now for the long awaited announcement on FBC Sandpoint Member for the Year. Voting at FBC Sandpoint HQ was tough this year. Many of our members do extraordinary their own right. The person that was ultimately selected though really went about and beyond for this year. They truly encompass the ideal FBC Sandpoint member qualities. This person did not miss a ride last year, meaning they came solo if things didn't work out for the rest of their crew.  This person also went about and beyond in the dress up category. Always down to make our rides just a little more festive. And never, ever breaks FBC Sandpoint #1 rule (actually our only rule).

Drum roll please.  FBC Sandpoint Member of the Year for 2017 was crowned on FBC Sandpoint Lifetime Member for Life Bernie. We are honored to have her in our little bike club.

For visuals, click HERE.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 64

Let's try this again...

When: Mon, Mar 13th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Formal Birthday Attire

OK, so if you did not read about our last planned ride, you should do that now to get up to speed.  If you are too lazy, I will summarize.  The weather sucked.  The roads sucked.  Turn out sucked.  It was supposed to be a big ride as we were supposed to celebrate FBC Sandpoint turning 5.  The Birthday ride celebration was postponed to this month, so more people could come.

And here is what was wrote (cause I am too lazy to come up with something new) to prepare you for our last ride (which didn't really happen):
This evening will be a pretty big deal.  There will be some live music (or at least a good chance).  There will be some embarrassing stories of FBC's younger days (highly good chance).  There will be awards for Best Dressed male/female.  There will be a bike ride.  There will be the crowning of the highly coveted FBC Sandpoint Member of the Year.  There will be some random goodies given away.

See you then!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 63 in Review

Our last ride was our FBC Sandpoint Birthday ride, we turned 5.  You would think after 5 years of these rides, we would have pretty much seen it all.  You would think it would be hard to have many more "first."  Well, you would be wrong.  The weather was, well, how can I put this...a straight up shit show with an ice storm and flooded street.  Now, we ride every month regardless of what the weather may decide to throw at us.  And we have had some rides in bad weather and on equally bad roads.  This night really took things to a whole other lever.  The roads were kinda dangerous.  But as we always say,

"Whether snow, sleet, rain, flood, or just cold as shit...though sometimes late, we never cancel a ride."

So, 7 people showed up at Eich's for this monumental ride (7 riders is by far our lowest turnout ever, so that was the 1st "first").

Now, I am not gonna name any names here, but 1 loyal FBC Lifetime Member for Life decided to forgo riding on the treacherous streets and walk to the final destination.  While 2 other loyal FBC Lifetime Members for Life decided to drive.  Both of these actions were firsts, and hence the 2nd "first" of the evening).  Are you keeping up here?

You probably noticed the big black hole up there on your computer screen?  That is no mystery.  That is where we would normally post the spoke card for the ride.  However, we didn't hand out spoke cards for this ride.  That has never happened before, so there would be our 3rd "first."

We rode to Connie's, that was not where we planned to go either,  We basically picked it cause it was very close and easy to get to.  It was our shortest ride ever, and that makes it our 4th "first."

All these "first" lead to the group decision that we should postpone our Birthday Ride as we had originally planned and save it for next month when we will hopefully have much better weather, much better roads, and in turn, much more people will turn out to help FBC Sandpoint celebrate their 5th Birthday.  Stay tuned for a post on that.  Oh, and postponing our Birthday Ride?  Never happened before, so that must be our 5th "first."

While most of the 7 people that showed up for the ride did not dress up in formal wear like requested for our Birthday Ride...which is what we always do.  FBC Lifetime Member for Life Bryn did.  And she went all out, with tons of style.  So, she got awards for Best Dressed for the evening.  There has never been a ride where only one person has dress up either, I guess we could call that the 6th "first."

For visuals, click HERE.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 63

Happy Birthday!

When: Thur, Feb 9th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Formal Attire

So, little old FBC Sandpoint made it through another year.  Another year older and wiser...well we will see about the last one anyways.

This evening will be a pretty big deal.  There will be some live music (or at least a good chance).  There will be some embarrassing stories of FBC's younger days (highly good chance).  There will be awards for Best Dressed male/female.  There will be a bike ride.  There will be the crowning of the highly coveted FBC Sandpoint Member of the Year.  There will be some random goodies given away.

Take your fancy pants/dress to the cleaners and get ready...

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 62 in Review

Well, the first ride of 2017 went off without a hitch.  People say that all the time, but what does that actually mean?  I assume you don't want a hitch in your thing, or like a hitch in your gitty.  Or maybe you do?  Anyways, we had a good ride to open the year.

Our theme was a hat party.  Some 30 riders collected at Eich's in various hats.  We stuck to our shorter winter ride theme as well.  Roads were slick...but not as slick as the previous month's ride.  It was damn cold...but not as cold as the previous month's ride.

We ended at the The Hound.  It was toasty warm.  We gazed at the bright and bold Full Moon.  We drank cold beers and laminated the fact the during the winter it is always nice to see the same core riders.  You know who you are, the ones that brave the rides regardless of the weather.  The ones that say to hell with my social calendar, this is FBC night and I am riding.  The ones that dress for the theme, no matter how stupid it may seem.  I could insert some lame bike joke here about how you are the grease in the hub, or the chain that drives...but I will just say thanks.

For visuals, click HERE.

Reminder: Thursday, February 9 will be our Birthday Ride (5 years) and it will be HUGE.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 62

Here we come 2017...

When: Thur, Jan 12th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Hat Paaarty

Here it is a new year.  I know a lot of people felt like 2016 was a tough one.  A real kick in the balls if you will.  Well, we here at FBC Sandpoint HQ are here to help you over the hump.  May we suggest you think about riding your bike more for 2017?  Maybe make a goal to go on every Full Moon ride?  Maybe go on every Full Moon ride and participate in the theme?  Whatever the needed motivation, just get on your bike more.  Now will this solve all your problems?  Absolutely not.  Will it help you in dealing with your problems and seeing things a little differently?  Absolutely yes.  We here at FBC Sandpoint HQ guarantee it.  So, here you go.  Here is you first opportunity for 2017.

So, theme.  Simply, hats.  Yes, this ride almost falls on the national celebration of hats.  Hats are good for many things like: displaying your feather collection, keeping your head warm, hiding a bald head, adding style to your wardrobe, keeping your head dry, masking your identity, covering a bad dye job, hiding a rabbit, holding beer cans...and many, many more.

Grab your hats and see you at Eich's

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 61 in Review

The last ride of the year was our Festivus themed ride.  30 some riders braved the fridged temps and icy road conditions to make it to Eichardt's.  Given the road conditions, an attempt was made to plan a route that would cover the best roads we could find...there were NONE.  All the roads in Sandpoint were hard packed/icy.  Most people had fat bikes or studded tires, and they did fine.  A couple people without either, went down but were unscathed.

We did a short loop and took in some of the houses in South Sand that went all out with their holiday decorations.  It was a beautiful night.

We arrived at Loaf and Ladle.  We have never been there before.  A huge thanks to Marsha and the rest of the staff for being gracious and patient with the large group...after their regular business hours.  Most everyone brought a gift for the exchange, and we placed them under our FBC Sandpoint Festivus tree.  We all opened them at once and there was great joy and celebration with the many thoughtful and thoughtless gifts.

Holiday cheer was consumed, and some bad decisions were made...much like your office holiday party...luckily no one seems to remember.

That puts a wrap on 2016 rides.  Thanks again to all of you who continue to make the Full Moon Rides awesome.  We here at FBC Sandpoint HQ are planning and scheming for 2017...

For visuals, click HERE.