Friday, August 12, 2016

Full Moon Fiasco 57

It's been 4 years...

When: Thur, Aug 18th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Summer Olympics

4 years ago we had out first ever FBC Sandpoint Summer Olympics.  It was a blast and some memories are still fresh in my mind.  So then, it is that time of year again.  And so ride and compete again we will.

There is still time to train.  Then, dress in your favorite Summer Olympic event garb, grab your bike and your bestie and let's ride!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Full Moon Fiasco 56 in Review

Our last ride featured over 300 riders...or 5% of Sandpoint.  Yup, you read that right 5% of the City of Sandpoint was in attendance (thanks to FBC Lifetime Member for Life Kevin for crunching the numbers on that).  FBC rides continue to the BIGGEST biking event to ever hit little ‘ol Sandpoint.

"Nerds" was the theme and you all did not disappoint.  Many, many people dressed up.  Others, it was unclear whether they dressed up or if that was their everyday attire.  Either way, it was a damn nerdy looking group of riders.

We headed into West Sand, where some did some laps around the roundabout which is always fun.  With a somewhat large group, we kept the route rather direct.  A long run was made down Division, utilizing the designated bike lane...and traffic lane.  It was a beautiful night for a ride with friends.

We ended at the Eagles.  Now we have been there before.  The gals there love, and I mean love, to have FBC there.  They work their asses off making sure everyone is served and has a fine night.  They never disappoint.  And you should know that moneys made there go to supporting the Eagles.  Hence, that is why the bar is called the Eagles.  Anyways, there really is no better place to end an FBC.  Trike-a-boom made the ride (barely) and provided tunes at the Eagles.

A last note on the ride, this seemed to be more of a family event than usual. There were a lot of moms and daughters.  Dads and sons.  Moms and sons.  Dads and daughters.  And just general family combinations out for the ride.  That is always nice to see that FBC can bring families closer together.  Until next time...

For visuals, click HERE.