Thursday, July 14, 2016

Full Moon Fiasco 56

Remember way back to last July?  We had 2 Full Moons in one month.

When: Tue, July 19th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Nerds

Our next ride happens to fall on International Chess Day.  How exciting is that?!  What's that?  You don't understand how that relates to FBC?  How are you supposed to dress like a chess figure?  You aren't silly.  No offense intended to those that actually play/like chess...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Full Moon Fiasco 55 in Review

Nice weather brought some 250+ riders out for our last ride.  The theme was "Summer Mixer" whatever the hell that means.  Individual interpretations were good though.  Lots dressed up.  Eich's had the alley open and beer was flowing.  Trike-a-boom provided tunes.  It was the longest day of the year, and I had a feeling that no one really wanted to leave.  It wasn't really dark and everyone seemed to be having such a good time.  But ride we must.

Due to some conflicting schedules, the ride route was put together by a couple of very loyal FBC Lifetime Members for Life.  Thanks to them for that.  We did a long alley in South Sand that we had never done before.  It was a little wild.  But hey, no one said it would be easy.  After zigzagging around South Sand we ended at the 219er.

Now, the 219er is an awesome place to end on a summer's day.  Even though the weather was good, they had a large tent up covering the patio just in case.  The outside bar was pouring.  There was a DJ and dancing.  It was more good times.  Huge thanks to Glenn and the 219er crew for the awesome night.

For visuals, click HERE.