Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Full Moon Fiasco 54 in Review

Our last ride happened to fall on National Armed Forces day. 75+ riders dressed however they thought honored our military and that day.  We did a wet ride, yes it rained again.  We kept the route a little shorter than normal for this time of year.

We had some riders from CDA and Spokane for the ride, always great to see faces from afar.

We ended at the Bernd Barrel (the old Coldwater Creek Wine Bar).  A huge thanks to Denise and the crew for their hospitality and great service.  We basically had the bar to ourselves.  Pretty high end destination for a FBC, thanks to you all for behaving yourselves.  Remember how I said it was a wet evening?  Well, the staff opened up the downstairs so people could park their bikes inside and not get wet (or anymore wet).  Dozens of bikes parked inside the old Coldwater Creek Store could be one of the coolest FBC sightings I've seen.

Anyways, visuals coming as soon as I find my camera...

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