Thursday, January 14, 2016

Full Moon Fiasco 49 in Review

Happy 2016!  I just realized we are a little behind in writings.  Our Festivus ride last month saw some 28 riders, 19 of which were on fat bikes.  Remember back to around Christmas?  We had lots of snow back then and temps were cold.  It was very festive looking.  Not that you needed a fat bike for this ride, people with regular mountain bikes did just fine.  We did a nice big loop in South Sand and strolled down First Ave to the La Rosa Club.

There we were greeted with a nice warm fire, fine beverages and a festivus poll.  Thanks to Tim, Will and the rest of the crew for taking good care of us and allowing us to hold our Festivus Party there.  Gifts were gathered and placed carefully under our festivus pole.  Then nice little FBC elves distributed the gift to all the riders in the room.  We all opened them at once.  Some things I saw were bike socks, bells, a pig calendar, a plush throw, some bath salts and many bottles of beer and alcohol (weird).  Santa was also on hand for the evening, oh, and speaking of hands.  I would say Santa was a little handsy from Festivus cheer.

I would say the last ride of 2015 was a damn fine one.  Here is too many more in 2016.

For visuals, click HERE.

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