Thursday, December 10, 2015

Housekeeping 2015

So, there are a couple things you should know, but they don't really pertain to a specific ride.  That is why we are doing some housekeeping.

Now, I am gonna tell you something positive, and then I am gonna quickly tell you some things that are not so positive.  In psychology, they refer to this as positive thinking...or maybe it is a deflection.  I don't really remember, as my psych classes were long ago.

Anyways, what an amazing year FBC has had.  As the end of the year draws near, I think back on all the rides.  300+ people riding bikes, having fun, learning new bike routes, meeting new people, enjoying new local establishments, giving of their time and money for great local causes, letting loose and dressing up in crazy outfits just for the fun of it, learning about full moon names and cycles, going back to school...ah yeah, remember the going back to school ride?  Remember the Hive?  Remember all the pictures on the big screens?  Remember the beat box guy?  I digress, but anyway it was a good year of bikes and friends.  You all should be proud of yourselves.  No, really.  Shit like we do here would not fly in other places.  You all (starting to sound like I am from Texas) do an amazing job, despite our overflowing ride numbers, of doing positive things, obeying traffic laws, respecting each other and generally having a fun ride.

That was the positive thing; it will help you forget the following.  You know how our rides are always featured in roman numerals?  I have stated I think they are great.  I love how it forces people to think in ways they normally would not about ordinary things, like numbers.  Well, someone here at FBC Sandpoint HQ messed up.  No one seemed to have notice, but our last few rides have not had the right corresponding roman numeral to go with the actual ride number.  Who knew "L" was 50?  I change my stance now, roman numerals are stupid.  They require too much thinking for what should be mundane everyday shit.  So, no more roman numerals.  Just good old American numbers for rides.

Second, you know the trike-a-boom?  It has been a staple and great addition to our rides.  The play list were carefully selected to dovetail with ride themes.  No matter the route, the heavy-ass trike with lack of any efficiency, made it to our destinations...often before a lot of other riders.  All the money for the trike, its electronics, maintenance and what nots, were funded out of pocket by one member.  That member, FBC Lifetime Member for Life Tim, is moving far away.  He won't be making music or riding the trike-a-boom any more,  We thank him for his service, his trike, his dedication and wish him luck in his new home.  The trike itself may, or may not, still be of service...

Lastly, bike lights.  Use them.  Please.  It is easier for other riders to see you.  It is easier for motorists to see you.  It is the law.  It can keep you from getting pulled over.  They are not expensive.

That's it.  I know those of you that it made this far, are still basking in the compliments at the beginning of this post, and therefore you will not remember the rest of these ramblings.

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