Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLVIII in Review

Wow!  Our November ride is always termed "Thanks4giving."  According to our records dept, this year was our 4th installment.  Now the details for the ride are a little more complicated that our other rides, but the concept is not.  We asked you to bring as much food as you could for the night, and we would ride it over to the Food Bank to help with their holiday inventory.

Once again, you all did an amazing job of giving!  We raised 412lbs of food and $155 cash for the Food Bank.  How does that compare to last year?  Again, our records dept here is pretty amazing.  They dusted off some files and revealed 413lbs and $86 cash for 2014.

So, what do all these numbers really mean?  Well, to put this all in perspective, the Dept of Agriculture estimates the average person eats 4.7lbs of food per day.  $1 roughly buys you 1lbs of food.  So, FBC Sandpoint's donation will feed just over 120 people for a 1 day.

We had some awards for those that packed the most food over.  Thanks to Larson's Department Store for the gift certificate for the top donor...they are always a big supporter of FBC.  Greasy Fingers Bikes rounded out some prizes with lights and wool socks. Top giver: FBC Lifetime Members for Life Brandon and Connie with 61.05lbs. 2nd place: FBC Lifetime Members for Life Dick and Linda with 41.26lbs.  3rd place: FBC Member for Life Dave (who lives in Spokane and drives up for our rides) with 24.15lbs. 4th place: FBC Lifetime Member for Life Michael with 22.11lbs.

And a thanks to John from the Food Bank for taking time out of his night to ride his bike over to the food bank to meet us.  He opened the place up, weighed in all our food and took some cool photos.

And a thanks to some FBCers that brought some extra large bike carrying devices for taking food over to the Food Bank, that was a big help...FBC Lifetime Members for Life Marty, Travis (new member), Tom and Ed.

And finally, thanks to Ben, Amber and the staff at The Hound were we gathered after dropping of stuff at the Food Bank.  We had some great pizza, drank some great beers, got warmed up and stayed until the wee hours.

As you can see, there was a lot to be thankful for this time around.  Next month is our Festivus ride...

For visuals, click HERE

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