Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Interview that Never Happened...

The following is an interview that never got published, but thought some of you might find it entertaining and maybe informative:

Random FBC Rider:  "Hi, sorry I am late.  I stopped to grab a sixer on the ride over, mind if I drink while we do this?  Biking makes me thirsty."

Lois:  "No problem, I recently got my first article published and used some of the money to buy one of these fancy voice recorders.  I think it is working, is it OK if I record this conversation?"

Random FBC Rider:  "Fine.  Please refer to me as "Random FBC Rider."  Would you like a cold one?"

Lois:  "No cold ones for me, I am working.  You can call me Lois, thanks for meeting with me.  Let's get started.  Please give me a little history on FBC Sandpoint."

Random FBC Rider:  "Well, FBC Sandpoint is a Full Moon Bike Club and we ride, umm, every full moon.  We recently had our 45th ride.  The rides are termed Full Moon Fiascos.  We always meet up at Eichardt's Pub.  There we socialize and you can elect to donate a dollar and get a commemorative spoke card for the evening.  Once we leave Eich's, we do a casual paced ride, as a group, somewhere around town and end somewhere else to socialize."

Lois:  "Spoke cards?  Like you would clip to your bike when you were a kid and it would make noise from your spokes?"

Random FBC Rider:  "That's cute, but no.  These cards get wedged in between your spoke and just serve as a remembrance of the night.  When you grow old, you can pull them out and show the kids how cool you used to be.  It is also fun to fill your wheels up with them."

Lois:  "I see.  Yesterday I googled group rides like this, these rides are like a critical mass right?"

Random FBC Rider:  "Absolutely not.  While our rider numbers may be very large, we are not intentionally trying to hold up traffic, break traffic laws or make any sort of political statement.  These full moon rides are meant to be a fun, social way for Sandpoint cyclists to get together, meet each other and maybe learn some new ways to navigate town and the surrounding communities.  Riders may also learn about some new local establishments to visit.  Indirectly, these rides are also about showing motorists and those that make decisions about bike pathways, that Sandpoint has a large, active cycling base who is out sharing the roads and appreciates safe, marked and dedicated routes through town and to our outlying communities.  My mouth is dry, I am gonna grab another beer."

Lois:  "OK, so these rides sound fun.  Where do people find out about upcoming rides?"

Random FBC Rider:  "Well, these rides typically fall on the full moon, according the the Farmer's Almanac. So, there is that.  But there is also a website called FBCsandpoint.net where you will find ride details and themes for each month's fiasco.  Oh, and there is a facebook page.  Are you on facebook, maybe I could friend you?"

Lois:  "Umm, no I don't use facebook.  I notice that ride routes and the final destination of these rides are never published.  Why all the secrecy?"

Random FBC Rider:  "Well, it really isn't about being secretive.  It is about controlling a large group of riders.  If the group does not know the route or where the group is ending, then they tend to stay in order and follow the lead.  The concept works rather well.  And, I think people actually like that things are a surprise, it adds to the appeal.  Do you see my bottle opener, oh wait, here we go."

Lois:  "You ready again?  I understand not providing information up front now.  Are there any rules for these Fiascos?"

Random FBC Rider:  "Yup, just one of them, don't be an asshole.  Excuse my language, I don't normally use language like that, just so you know.  Anyways, strong term but relays the message that when on these rides, people should respect traffic laws, respect drivers on the road and respect fellow cyclists.  Again we want these rides to paint a positive picture of cyclists in Sandpoint.  We also ask that riders have lights, which is a law, and wear a helmet.  Helmets aren't a law, but a good idea.  Check out mine, it has some cool stickers on it."

Lois:  "Stickers are great, I was into them back when I was in high school.  Can anyone join FBC Sandpoint?  Is there membership?"

Random FBC Rider:  "Yeah, becoming a member is easy.  Come on a Fiasco, and upon completion of the ride you will be bestowed the title of FBC Sandpoint Lifetime Member for Life."

Lois:  "For life?  That sounds like a big commitment.  I hesitate to ask if there is a way out of FBC Sandpoint?"

Random FBC Rider:  "Not at this time, no one has ever wanted out.  Is your boyfriend scared of commitment too?"

Lois:  "I am single, but this isn't really about me.  Umm, where was I?  OK, anything else you wanna add?"

Random FBC Rider:  "I would only add that these Full Moon rides have become the biggest biking event in Sandpoint.  The real credit for that goes to the members that come each month, and carry on the positive nature of these rides.  How long they continue relies on everyone doing what they have been doing for almost 4 years now."

Lois:  "Great.  Well, that is all I have, thanks for meeting me and helping me with all these questions."

Random FBC Rider:  "Umm, my pleasure.  So, well, it is Thursday and that means dollar beers at Eichardt's.  Wanna go check it out and I can tell you more about the beginnings of FBC Sandpoint?"

Lois:  "Sounds fun, I will grab my bike and meet you there."

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