Saturday, September 19, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLVI

When: Sat, Sept 26th @ 7pm (new time)
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Hats

Fall is in the air here in Sandpoint.  The weather is getting cooler.  The sun is going down earlier.  This leads to 2 things I would like to point out.  One, note our new Fall/Winter meeting/departure time, we meet and leave one hour earlier now until Spring.  So, meet at 7pm and then cruise around 8pm.

Second, September is Hat Month.  You are supposed to show off your favorite Fall hats.  You see how nicely that ties in with the weather cooling down too?  So, grab your favorite hat.  Hats are good for keeping your head warm, but can also allow you to change who you are or what you are perceived to do.  Let me give you some examples: a hard hat might signify a utility or construction worker; a visor might signify you are a golfer, a tennis player...or a nerd; a cowboy hat may signify that you are a oil baron, from Texas or a real life cowboy; a baseball hat might signify, depending on angle worn on head, an athlete (0 degrees) or a gangsta (180 degrees), or Flavor Flav (90 degrees) or Justin Bieber (270 degrees).  Some may just wear their "thinking cap," which is actually invisible, but you will know they have it on when they proceed to tell you about the benefits of spandex, heart rate and pacelining.  See how important hats can be?

Regardless, just grab a hat and we will see you for the ride.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLV in Review

Ride thirty came and went with a bang!  We had 265ish riders show up for the Back to the School ride.  Lots of you dressed up.  Weather was grand.  We did a cool loop through South Sand, that also featured a very long back alley that was quite fun...for most.

We ended at the Hive.  This was our first time there.  Rob and crew opened up just for FBC.  Pictures of the last 30 Full Moon rides flashed on the 4 huge projector screens.  Music was played, lights were flashed all around and smoke poured from the stage.  It was a very different scene for our ride, but I think you all had fun.  And it is great to spread the FBC love around all the different establishments.  Anyways, huge. huge thanks to the Hive for having us and really rolling out the red carpet.

A very special thanks to Davey James, aka Bio Beat, aka Bad Ass Beatboxer for his special FBC performance.  He is very talented.

So, other than a special musical performance, other than more than 250 people again showing up for FBC, other than more hot school girls running around than I could count, other than the Hive opening just for FBC, other than some nerdy guy getting taped to a pole, other than seeing some people dance that I really wanna forget, other than the Full Moon making a grand was just another Full Moon Fiasco as usual.

For visuals, click HERE