Friday, July 24, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLIII in Review

For those of you that follow these here ramblings, this is where you would get a recap of the last Full Moon ride with pics.  Not gonna happen this time.  I would like to take a few minutes to relay some points about these FBC rides.

First, if you have not read the FAQs Page on the FBC website, take a few minutes now and get up to speed.  Done?  If you are too lazy or don't feel you have the time, I will give you the cliff notes.  Basically, the #1 rule of FBC rides is don't be an asshole.  Strong language yes, but it does effectively summarize the idea that when riding in this group, under the Full Moon, you should respect fellow riders, respect motorists that we are sharing the road with and most importantly respect traffic laws.

Now, 96% of you do an amazing job every month.  Seriously, for such a large group of riders it is amazing to see everyone doing their best to not hold up traffic and follow the rules of the road.  And doing it all while having a good time.  But then there is the 4%.  Unfortunately, when a couple people get out of line, it reflects badly on the group as a whole, and can also create safety issues.

Here is what I ask, if you show up each month and follow the rules, continue to do so...and thanks.  If you bring a new rider to the Full Moon ride, tell them what is expected of them before hand, that is your responsibility as their sponsor.  And lastly, if you see someone acting ill, kindly remind them that you like the Full Moon rides, you want them to continue and their actions could jeopardize that.  Ultimately, the nature and future of the Full Moon rides rest in your hands...I cannot police 300 riders.

Lights. Whether you voted for Obama or not, put some lights on your bike (it is the law).

That is it for the finger waving, stay tuned for dets on next ride.

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