Monday, July 27, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLIV

2 Full Moons, 2 rides, 1 month...

When: Fri, July 31st @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Blue

I hope you all read the previous post?  Good.

So, our next ride is on a "Blue Moon."  Many people think the moon is actually "blue," however it is not.  Although, sometimes a moon can be blue if certain dusts are in the air.  But that is not why this coming Full Moon is called the Blue Moon.  It is a Blue Moon because there are four moon seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter - with three months and normally three Full Moons each.  A Blue Moon is the rare 4th Full Moon in a moon season instead of the normal three.

Ever hear, "Once in a Blue Moon?"  You are learning so much.

So, grab some blue clothes.  Maybe paint your bike blue.  Maybe put some blue lights on your bike.  Maybe paint your face blue, or dye your hair blue.  Just get as much blue as you can, and let's go ride...even though the moon WILL NOT (probably) be blue.

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