Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLII

Is it April showers bring May flowers?  Or May showers bring June flowers?

When: Tue, Jun 2nd @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Biker Rally

OK, so this month's theme will take a little more reading and thought then last month, when I said grab some 90s shit out your closet.  Ready?  Here we go...

If you follow the news, you may have heard about this biker incident that happened in Waco, Texas (yes, the very same Waco).  Basically, some bikers...and by "bikers" I mean the gas powered together for a rally and had a disagreement about colors, patches and turf.  Clubs, bats, chains, guns and knives were welded to resolve the issue.  Not sure it resolved the issue.

However, this incident got me thinking about how bikers...and by "bikers" here I mean the pedal powered kind...get together in mass, like FBC or Spokefest, and we don't have major physical clashes between niches.  Now I am not gonna get all philosophical and why that is, but may it is based on choice in what we ride, gas vs. pedal.  Or maybe it is because the person who chooses to ride a bike (gas power) is built a little differently than the person who chooses to ride a different bike (pedal power).

Regardless, I like a good cause.  Something we can all rally behind for our full moon ride.  A solidarity piece so to speak.  So, let's dress up in biker garb (pedal power...or gas power) and have a biker rally...peacefully.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLI in Review

Wow, I guess our last ride happened a while back and the write has been lacking.  So, here ya go...

Some 140+ riders gathered at Eich's for our last ride.  Eich's didn't get the permit in time to open the alley, so things were nice and cozy inside the pub.  Many gathered outside anyways.  We had yet another amazing night for a Full Moon ride.  We left Eich's, did a little jaunt through South Sand, crossed the Long Bridge and ended at the LBG for our final destination.

Dan and his crew really went all out for this ride.  They had the parking lot setup with tables and chairs.  There was a drink table so you could buy outside and not even have to set foot in the bar.  They also had "Welcome FBC Riders" displayed on the reader board.  Nice touch.  Most everyone hang out in the parking lot around the trike-a-boom, socialized and gazed up at the full moon.

We had a lot of new riders on this ride.  That may sound amazing, as sometimes you wonder who in North Idaho hasn't been on a FBC ride yet.  I guess there are still some out there, and we will find them and recruit them.

Lastly, the 90s was our theme, people must have thought was cool cause many participated.

For visuals, click HERE

Until next time...