Monday, April 27, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLI

When: Sat, May 2nd @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: 90s

It is not a school night.  I'm sure many of you will take advantage of that.

Our theme is the 1990s.  So many great things happened in the 90s.  From music like 98 Degrees...wait!  What?!  Yeah, wikipedia said they were the epitope of the 90s.  But what about gangster rap?  What about grunge?  Anyways, then there were the fashion trends like bleached hair, rolling up one pant leg, flannel shirts, sweaters around the waist (stupid), fanny packs, etc.  There was some cool tech stuff too like walkmans, pagers, nintendo and more.

You see, there really is a lot of ideas out there to help you get involved in our theme for the ride.  Now hurry and go hit up the thrift stores before everyone else.  Or, go pull out that box from the back of your closet.

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