Saturday, March 21, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XXXIX in Review

What a night for a bike ride.  Hard to believe it was the beginning of March.  85+ riders showed up at Eich's ready to ride.  And we had a group of guys visiting from Philly that also joined in.  This ride happened to fall on Multiple Personalities Day, and so, that was our theme.

We did a rather long ride, for March, and cruised down the Dover Path, hooked past SWAC and meandered down to City Beach.

We ended our tour at Trinity and basically hadthe place to ourselves.  They stayed open way past closing and we had a good time.  Thanks to Hayden, Thane and the rest of the staff for being so cool.

This ride featured the return of the Trike-a-Boom.  Having tunes added to the "summer" like feel of the ride.  Thanks to FBC Lifetime Member for Life Tim for that and his great musical selection.

A super special sight of the night was FBC Lifetime Member for Life Tom and his new High Wheeler.  He got it for his 49th birthday earlier in the day, assembled it and hauled it to Eich's for its inaugural ride.  Super cool story, super cool bike and a super cool dude.

For visuals, click HERE.

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