Saturday, February 28, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XXXIX

Year 4 here we come.

When: Thur, March 5th @7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Multiple Personalities

National Multiple Personality Day happens to fall on our next ride.  It is a serious condition.  It affects more than 20k people a year in the US.  Basically, like the name implies, the person has 2 or more distinct personality states.  These states can have their own unique names, personal history and attributes.  Fascinating.

How does that relate to FBC, our theme and this ride?  Who knows.  But FBC is a safe place.  Dress up as something or someone that maybe you always wanted too, or come as yourself.  Let something out, or just keep it all in.  Either way, just come ride and have fun.

In case you need some further explanation, you can always rely on South Park, and better yet Randy, to help put these issues in perspective...

Monday, February 23, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XXXVIII in Review

Well, 3 years in the books.  Thanks to the 40 some riders that showed up at Eich's to celebrate that milestone.  Many came dressed on some formal attire, and it was a good thing.

We did a little ride through town and went on over to some friends of FBC who have a little photo studio.  Atom and Marjan had set up a Full Moon photo booth.  They took some sweet pics of everyone and we drank some beverages.  Huge thanks to them for all their work.  If you wanna check them out, or better yet order some prints, check em out Atom & Mars Photography.

After some photos in our fine attire, we mosied on back to Eich's for our after party and giveaways.  Why back to Eich's?  Well, for one, the ride was the day after Groundhog Day and we thought that was pretty fitting...although not maybe timely.  We also like to give major props to Jeff and the crew at Eich's for supporting FBC and allowing our monthly shenanigans to happen there every month, for 3 years (and trust me I have had to do some day after FBC apologizing for some of you).  Lastly, we have never left Eich's and then went back to Eich's...and we like to keep it fresh.

Anyways, we all gathered upstairs.  We gave away a bunch of great shit.  We played some shuffleboard.  We told stories.  And most importantly we gave the FBC Sandpoint MVF Award to Lifetime Member for Life Dick.  While we have A LOT of great members, Dick goes a little bit above and beyond every month by always showing up regardless of weather, dressing to the theme, smile on his face and ready to party, promoting and spreading the good word of FBC, helping keep the younger generation in line, donating to any and every cause we throw our hat into and being an all around great guy to ride with.

We also gave Best Dressed to Lifetime Member for Life Jason, although it doesn't seem to take much incentive for him to dress up...or in this case dress down.

Lastly, thanks to all the businesses that threw in swag and have supported FBC Sandpoint through the years:  Laughing Dog Brewing, Idaho Pour Authority, MickDuff's Brewing Co., 219er, Stradasoul, Greasy Fingers Bikes, Eichardt's Pub Grill & Coffee House, Larson's and Small House Winery.

For visuals, click HERE