Monday, December 14, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco 49

Yup, no more stupid roman numerals...

When: Wed, Dec 23rd @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Festivus

This will be ironic...and ironic is not a moon.  For those of you that still don't know what Festivus is all about, take 3.5 minutes out of your online holiday shopping time life to hear about this great holiday (via Seinfeld).  This holiday is, some 50 years old.

OK, now go prepare a holiday outfit.  Here are some ideas: ugly holiday sweater, skier, snowman, naughty elf (please!), santa suit or whatever.  Feel free to decorate you bike too, that is always nice for the holidays.

Next comes the ironic part ,(go shopping for a gift for our FBC gift exchange and bring it wrapped with a $5 limit (no fake donation cards please).  Lastly, get it all together and ride your bike over to Eich's.

We will leave Eich's and do a shorter route through town while sticking to main arteries if there is foul weather.  We will end somewhere warm and full of glee.  We will gather around our durable and strong aluminum pole, flanked by all our presents.  You see this is somewhat of a hybrid Festivus with a metal pole and gifts, but there will be NO airing of grievances or feets of strength...well, there may be those things depending on the hour and amount of egg nog.  Anyways, we will commence with our annual FBC Gift Exchange (if you don't bring a gift, you can sit in the corner like a old miserable scrooge) as we sip holiday cheer... and hopefully someone will have too much, get rowdy and embarrass themselves...hopefully it is not me.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Housekeeping 2015

So, there are a couple things you should know, but they don't really pertain to a specific ride.  That is why we are doing some housekeeping.

Now, I am gonna tell you something positive, and then I am gonna quickly tell you some things that are not so positive.  In psychology, they refer to this as positive thinking...or maybe it is a deflection.  I don't really remember, as my psych classes were long ago.

Anyways, what an amazing year FBC has had.  As the end of the year draws near, I think back on all the rides.  300+ people riding bikes, having fun, learning new bike routes, meeting new people, enjoying new local establishments, giving of their time and money for great local causes, letting loose and dressing up in crazy outfits just for the fun of it, learning about full moon names and cycles, going back to school...ah yeah, remember the going back to school ride?  Remember the Hive?  Remember all the pictures on the big screens?  Remember the beat box guy?  I digress, but anyway it was a good year of bikes and friends.  You all should be proud of yourselves.  No, really.  Shit like we do here would not fly in other places.  You all (starting to sound like I am from Texas) do an amazing job, despite our overflowing ride numbers, of doing positive things, obeying traffic laws, respecting each other and generally having a fun ride.

That was the positive thing; it will help you forget the following.  You know how our rides are always featured in roman numerals?  I have stated I think they are great.  I love how it forces people to think in ways they normally would not about ordinary things, like numbers.  Well, someone here at FBC Sandpoint HQ messed up.  No one seemed to have notice, but our last few rides have not had the right corresponding roman numeral to go with the actual ride number.  Who knew "L" was 50?  I change my stance now, roman numerals are stupid.  They require too much thinking for what should be mundane everyday shit.  So, no more roman numerals.  Just good old American numbers for rides.

Second, you know the trike-a-boom?  It has been a staple and great addition to our rides.  The play list were carefully selected to dovetail with ride themes.  No matter the route, the heavy-ass trike with lack of any efficiency, made it to our destinations...often before a lot of other riders.  All the money for the trike, its electronics, maintenance and what nots, were funded out of pocket by one member.  That member, FBC Lifetime Member for Life Tim, is moving far away.  He won't be making music or riding the trike-a-boom any more,  We thank him for his service, his trike, his dedication and wish him luck in his new home.  The trike itself may, or may not, still be of service...

Lastly, bike lights.  Use them.  Please.  It is easier for other riders to see you.  It is easier for motorists to see you.  It is the law.  It can keep you from getting pulled over.  They are not expensive.

That's it.  I know those of you that it made this far, are still basking in the compliments at the beginning of this post, and therefore you will not remember the rest of these ramblings.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLVIII in Review

Wow!  Our November ride is always termed "Thanks4giving."  According to our records dept, this year was our 4th installment.  Now the details for the ride are a little more complicated that our other rides, but the concept is not.  We asked you to bring as much food as you could for the night, and we would ride it over to the Food Bank to help with their holiday inventory.

Once again, you all did an amazing job of giving!  We raised 412lbs of food and $155 cash for the Food Bank.  How does that compare to last year?  Again, our records dept here is pretty amazing.  They dusted off some files and revealed 413lbs and $86 cash for 2014.

So, what do all these numbers really mean?  Well, to put this all in perspective, the Dept of Agriculture estimates the average person eats 4.7lbs of food per day.  $1 roughly buys you 1lbs of food.  So, FBC Sandpoint's donation will feed just over 120 people for a 1 day.

We had some awards for those that packed the most food over.  Thanks to Larson's Department Store for the gift certificate for the top donor...they are always a big supporter of FBC.  Greasy Fingers Bikes rounded out some prizes with lights and wool socks. Top giver: FBC Lifetime Members for Life Brandon and Connie with 61.05lbs. 2nd place: FBC Lifetime Members for Life Dick and Linda with 41.26lbs.  3rd place: FBC Member for Life Dave (who lives in Spokane and drives up for our rides) with 24.15lbs. 4th place: FBC Lifetime Member for Life Michael with 22.11lbs.

And a thanks to John from the Food Bank for taking time out of his night to ride his bike over to the food bank to meet us.  He opened the place up, weighed in all our food and took some cool photos.

And a thanks to some FBCers that brought some extra large bike carrying devices for taking food over to the Food Bank, that was a big help...FBC Lifetime Members for Life Marty, Travis (new member), Tom and Ed.

And finally, thanks to Ben, Amber and the staff at The Hound were we gathered after dropping of stuff at the Food Bank.  We had some great pizza, drank some great beers, got warmed up and stayed until the wee hours.

As you can see, there was a lot to be thankful for this time around.  Next month is our Festivus ride...

For visuals, click HERE

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLVIII

We are gonna crush last year!

When: Tue, Nov 24th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Thanks4Giving IV

Some people in our community don't have enough food, let alone during the holidays.  Enter, the Bonner Community Food Bank.  They do good work and every November Full Moon Fiasco we ride and help them out.  Which in turn allows them to help people that need food.

Last year FBC Sandpoint donated a total of 413lbs of food and $86 cash.  Our top individual donation was 65lbs of food.  Impressive, but WE WILL BEAT THAT THIS YEAR!  Here we go with dets...

Regarding your money for the evening:
  • Save your dollar donation for a spoke will get 1 spoke card for FREE this month with any food donation
  • Save the money you might have spent on a costume this month, this evening is about giving
  • Save the money you would have spent on drinks at the ride destination--if you bring a food donation to Eich's you will get a coupon for 1 FREE drink at our secret destination
  • SPEND all this saved up money on food items for the Food Bank
Regarding the agenda for the evening:
  • You will bring your donated food items with you to Eichardt's at 7pm (you will NOT have to take them on the ride with you) so bring as much as you can possibly handle.
  • You will try and bring food items that are on the following "need" list (although I'm sure they will take others): peanut butter, juice, coffee, breakfast cereal, canned fruit, mayo/mustard, jam, canned meat, canned beans, canned veggies, tuna, pasta, canned soup,and spaghetti sauce.  One important item, Food Bank says they need 1,000 turkeys so bring them!  Do not bring homemade items/canned products, expired items, unmarked cans or anything opened...duh.
  • Everyone's food items will be weighed at Eichardt's and an individual weight list will be compiled
  • The FBCers who bring the most food (as weighed on our precision weighing device) will receive sweet prizes.
Once we have weighed all the food and determined our weight winners, we will load all this food into bike trailers, if you got a trailer or baskets bring them, and then we will all caravan over to the Food Bank.  Once we have handed over all the food to the Food Bank rep, who is graciously coming in after hours to check all our food in, then we will head to our final destination.  There we will find more good times, warm accommodations and oh, that FREE beer.

Don't wanna go shopping or haul food around?  Then just bring a cash donation.  However, you have to bring food in and get it weighed at 7pm if you wanna compete for prizes and the free beer.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Interview that Never Happened...

The following is an interview that never got published, but thought some of you might find it entertaining and maybe informative:

Random FBC Rider:  "Hi, sorry I am late.  I stopped to grab a sixer on the ride over, mind if I drink while we do this?  Biking makes me thirsty."

Lois:  "No problem, I recently got my first article published and used some of the money to buy one of these fancy voice recorders.  I think it is working, is it OK if I record this conversation?"

Random FBC Rider:  "Fine.  Please refer to me as "Random FBC Rider."  Would you like a cold one?"

Lois:  "No cold ones for me, I am working.  You can call me Lois, thanks for meeting with me.  Let's get started.  Please give me a little history on FBC Sandpoint."

Random FBC Rider:  "Well, FBC Sandpoint is a Full Moon Bike Club and we ride, umm, every full moon.  We recently had our 45th ride.  The rides are termed Full Moon Fiascos.  We always meet up at Eichardt's Pub.  There we socialize and you can elect to donate a dollar and get a commemorative spoke card for the evening.  Once we leave Eich's, we do a casual paced ride, as a group, somewhere around town and end somewhere else to socialize."

Lois:  "Spoke cards?  Like you would clip to your bike when you were a kid and it would make noise from your spokes?"

Random FBC Rider:  "That's cute, but no.  These cards get wedged in between your spoke and just serve as a remembrance of the night.  When you grow old, you can pull them out and show the kids how cool you used to be.  It is also fun to fill your wheels up with them."

Lois:  "I see.  Yesterday I googled group rides like this, these rides are like a critical mass right?"

Random FBC Rider:  "Absolutely not.  While our rider numbers may be very large, we are not intentionally trying to hold up traffic, break traffic laws or make any sort of political statement.  These full moon rides are meant to be a fun, social way for Sandpoint cyclists to get together, meet each other and maybe learn some new ways to navigate town and the surrounding communities.  Riders may also learn about some new local establishments to visit.  Indirectly, these rides are also about showing motorists and those that make decisions about bike pathways, that Sandpoint has a large, active cycling base who is out sharing the roads and appreciates safe, marked and dedicated routes through town and to our outlying communities.  My mouth is dry, I am gonna grab another beer."

Lois:  "OK, so these rides sound fun.  Where do people find out about upcoming rides?"

Random FBC Rider:  "Well, these rides typically fall on the full moon, according the the Farmer's Almanac. So, there is that.  But there is also a website called where you will find ride details and themes for each month's fiasco.  Oh, and there is a facebook page.  Are you on facebook, maybe I could friend you?"

Lois:  "Umm, no I don't use facebook.  I notice that ride routes and the final destination of these rides are never published.  Why all the secrecy?"

Random FBC Rider:  "Well, it really isn't about being secretive.  It is about controlling a large group of riders.  If the group does not know the route or where the group is ending, then they tend to stay in order and follow the lead.  The concept works rather well.  And, I think people actually like that things are a surprise, it adds to the appeal.  Do you see my bottle opener, oh wait, here we go."

Lois:  "You ready again?  I understand not providing information up front now.  Are there any rules for these Fiascos?"

Random FBC Rider:  "Yup, just one of them, don't be an asshole.  Excuse my language, I don't normally use language like that, just so you know.  Anyways, strong term but relays the message that when on these rides, people should respect traffic laws, respect drivers on the road and respect fellow cyclists.  Again we want these rides to paint a positive picture of cyclists in Sandpoint.  We also ask that riders have lights, which is a law, and wear a helmet.  Helmets aren't a law, but a good idea.  Check out mine, it has some cool stickers on it."

Lois:  "Stickers are great, I was into them back when I was in high school.  Can anyone join FBC Sandpoint?  Is there membership?"

Random FBC Rider:  "Yeah, becoming a member is easy.  Come on a Fiasco, and upon completion of the ride you will be bestowed the title of FBC Sandpoint Lifetime Member for Life."

Lois:  "For life?  That sounds like a big commitment.  I hesitate to ask if there is a way out of FBC Sandpoint?"

Random FBC Rider:  "Not at this time, no one has ever wanted out.  Is your boyfriend scared of commitment too?"

Lois:  "I am single, but this isn't really about me.  Umm, where was I?  OK, anything else you wanna add?"

Random FBC Rider:  "I would only add that these Full Moon rides have become the biggest biking event in Sandpoint.  The real credit for that goes to the members that come each month, and carry on the positive nature of these rides.  How long they continue relies on everyone doing what they have been doing for almost 4 years now."

Lois:  "Great.  Well, that is all I have, thanks for meeting me and helping me with all these questions."

Random FBC Rider:  "Umm, my pleasure.  So, well, it is Thursday and that means dollar beers at Eichardt's.  Wanna go check it out and I can tell you more about the beginnings of FBC Sandpoint?"

Lois:  "Sounds fun, I will grab my bike and meet you there."

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLVII in Review

We had some 100ish riders show up for Fiascoweeney last month.   Let me just say you all followed directions very well.  Lots of you showed up in your favorite Halloween customs and you also incorporated some pink in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Thank you for that.

All moneies for spoke cards and some donations went to the Community Cancer Services here in Sandpoint.  So, thank you for doing that too.

Eich's had the alley open again and the weather was quite nice for that.  We left Eich's and did a loop through City Beach.  We then strolled on down the Sand Creek Bike Path and crossed popsicle bridge.  I hear some had some issues with the hill.  All I can say is you will be stronger next time.  We hit Boyer and then did a lap, or 2, in the roundabout.  We ended at Mitzy's Lounge.  It has been awhile since we have ended here.  It is a great venue for FBC.  We basically had the place to ourselves.  Fire was roaring.  We warmed up, had some cold drinks and admired each other's creative costumes.  Best dressed for evening went to Fbc Lifetime Member for Life Chelsea (if I had more prizes Courtney would have got one too..for sure) and FBC Lifetime Member for Life Dick.

For visuals, click HERE

November 24th is out annual food drive ride for the Food Bank, stay tuned for dets...

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLVII

Ahh Fall...

When: Tue, Oct 27th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Fiascoweeney

I know some of you are sitting there thinking, ahh look what they did with the name.  They took the name of our monthly rides, Full Moon Fiasco, and then combined it with Halloween.  They are so clever.  Thank you.  To the rest of you sitting there, I know what you are thinking too.  Stop it.  It is not nice.  You really think it is easy to be creative and come up with exciting new things every month?  Ok, I am done reading your thoughts now...

You may remember that in the past our October rides have had the theme Pink, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Breast are important to this group, mostly because more than half our members are women.  Yup, there is some FBC Sandpoint knowledge for ya.  And for the minority of this group, men, we appreciate them as well.

So, here is where things do get creative.  We ask that you wear whatever Halloween costume you want for Fiascoweeney, BUT wear something pink as well.  Examples.  If you were gonna be a werewolf, be a werewolf but with pink frosted hair.  If you were gonna be a naughty schoolgirl (Tracy), be a naughty schoolgirl but with some pink tights.  If you were gonna be a pirate, be a pirate but with a pink eye patch.  You get it?

We will DONATE all spoke card monies, and whatever other monies you wanna give us that night, to Community Cancer Services (right here in good old Sandpoint).

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLVI in Review

There were some 110ish people that showed up for our last ride.  Hats were the theme, and many got creative with that idea.  And then a few took things to a whole other level with their costume.  There was the guy in the full bodied crochet blanket thingy...I kept thinking of Dumb Donald from Fat Albert, but then again those were the cartoons I grew up watching.  Then there was the matching suit couples on tandems.  You kids are so creative.

Anyways, Eich's had the alley blocked off for FBC and that was nice.  We hung out under the moon and then did a big loop through West Sand that featured a long back alley...seems to be a reoccurring theme for rides these days.  We looped back downtown and ended at the MickDuff's Brew Hall.  We arrived just to catch the end of some live music.  Thanks Justin and Jen for hanging out for us.  Mack had the fire outside on the lawn blazing.  It was a great venue and great night.

For visuals, click HERE

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLVI

When: Sat, Sept 26th @ 7pm (new time)
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Hats

Fall is in the air here in Sandpoint.  The weather is getting cooler.  The sun is going down earlier.  This leads to 2 things I would like to point out.  One, note our new Fall/Winter meeting/departure time, we meet and leave one hour earlier now until Spring.  So, meet at 7pm and then cruise around 8pm.

Second, September is Hat Month.  You are supposed to show off your favorite Fall hats.  You see how nicely that ties in with the weather cooling down too?  So, grab your favorite hat.  Hats are good for keeping your head warm, but can also allow you to change who you are or what you are perceived to do.  Let me give you some examples: a hard hat might signify a utility or construction worker; a visor might signify you are a golfer, a tennis player...or a nerd; a cowboy hat may signify that you are a oil baron, from Texas or a real life cowboy; a baseball hat might signify, depending on angle worn on head, an athlete (0 degrees) or a gangsta (180 degrees), or Flavor Flav (90 degrees) or Justin Bieber (270 degrees).  Some may just wear their "thinking cap," which is actually invisible, but you will know they have it on when they proceed to tell you about the benefits of spandex, heart rate and pacelining.  See how important hats can be?

Regardless, just grab a hat and we will see you for the ride.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLV in Review

Ride thirty came and went with a bang!  We had 265ish riders show up for the Back to the School ride.  Lots of you dressed up.  Weather was grand.  We did a cool loop through South Sand, that also featured a very long back alley that was quite fun...for most.

We ended at the Hive.  This was our first time there.  Rob and crew opened up just for FBC.  Pictures of the last 30 Full Moon rides flashed on the 4 huge projector screens.  Music was played, lights were flashed all around and smoke poured from the stage.  It was a very different scene for our ride, but I think you all had fun.  And it is great to spread the FBC love around all the different establishments.  Anyways, huge. huge thanks to the Hive for having us and really rolling out the red carpet.

A very special thanks to Davey James, aka Bio Beat, aka Bad Ass Beatboxer for his special FBC performance.  He is very talented.

So, other than a special musical performance, other than more than 250 people again showing up for FBC, other than more hot school girls running around than I could count, other than the Hive opening just for FBC, other than some nerdy guy getting taped to a pole, other than seeing some people dance that I really wanna forget, other than the Full Moon making a grand was just another Full Moon Fiasco as usual.

For visuals, click HERE

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLV

Damn that be a big number above...

When: Fri, Aug 28th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Back to School

Remember last month how we had 2 full moon rides in one month?  That will not be the case this month, we are back to a regular moon schedule of one ride per month.  This coming ride will be on a Friday though.  So, there is that similarity.  Non school nights are always cool...unless you happen to work on Saturdays.

Anyways, in what has become some annual Full Moon Fiasco tradition, we will celebrate kids going back to school.  Or, if you are like me, you will celebrate the fact that you are not going back to the thought of going back to school really sucks.  Need theme ideas?  This is what I wrote last year, and I am too lazy to try and come up with something else:

"If you are sitting there scratching your head, as to what you might wear, let me give you ladies some suggestions: schoolgirl, hot teacher, "that" girl, it?  Now for you guys, I don't really have many ideas: a science lab geek, prep squad sign guy, track star, principal...I don't think anyone really cares."

There will be prizes for BEST DRESSED Male and Female.

FYI: "The Principle" will be on hand, so behave yourselves.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLIV in Review

Three.  One.  Zero.

That would be a new rider record.  Anyways, these rides aren't really about numbers.  But a whole lot of people with their bikes assembled at Eich's for our last Full Moon Ride.  It was a Blue Boon and "blue" was the theme.  Eich's had the alley open and was serving beers back there as well as inside.  That sure was nice.

We rode a rather direct, by indirect way, out to Dover to visit Dish.  I would say this was our longest ride ever.  There was some gravel riding, which some liked and some didn't.

Dish of course knew we were coming.  And we have been there a couple times before.  But I don't think any kind of warning could have prepared them for this turnout.  They did a great job.  Thanks to Gary and the rest of the crew for working so hard and taking care of all the thirsty riders.

Thanks once again to trike-a-boom for providing tunes.

For visuals, click HERE.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLIV

2 Full Moons, 2 rides, 1 month...

When: Fri, July 31st @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Blue

I hope you all read the previous post?  Good.

So, our next ride is on a "Blue Moon."  Many people think the moon is actually "blue," however it is not.  Although, sometimes a moon can be blue if certain dusts are in the air.  But that is not why this coming Full Moon is called the Blue Moon.  It is a Blue Moon because there are four moon seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter - with three months and normally three Full Moons each.  A Blue Moon is the rare 4th Full Moon in a moon season instead of the normal three.

Ever hear, "Once in a Blue Moon?"  You are learning so much.

So, grab some blue clothes.  Maybe paint your bike blue.  Maybe put some blue lights on your bike.  Maybe paint your face blue, or dye your hair blue.  Just get as much blue as you can, and let's go ride...even though the moon WILL NOT (probably) be blue.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLIII in Review

For those of you that follow these here ramblings, this is where you would get a recap of the last Full Moon ride with pics.  Not gonna happen this time.  I would like to take a few minutes to relay some points about these FBC rides.

First, if you have not read the FAQs Page on the FBC website, take a few minutes now and get up to speed.  Done?  If you are too lazy or don't feel you have the time, I will give you the cliff notes.  Basically, the #1 rule of FBC rides is don't be an asshole.  Strong language yes, but it does effectively summarize the idea that when riding in this group, under the Full Moon, you should respect fellow riders, respect motorists that we are sharing the road with and most importantly respect traffic laws.

Now, 96% of you do an amazing job every month.  Seriously, for such a large group of riders it is amazing to see everyone doing their best to not hold up traffic and follow the rules of the road.  And doing it all while having a good time.  But then there is the 4%.  Unfortunately, when a couple people get out of line, it reflects badly on the group as a whole, and can also create safety issues.

Here is what I ask, if you show up each month and follow the rules, continue to do so...and thanks.  If you bring a new rider to the Full Moon ride, tell them what is expected of them before hand, that is your responsibility as their sponsor.  And lastly, if you see someone acting ill, kindly remind them that you like the Full Moon rides, you want them to continue and their actions could jeopardize that.  Ultimately, the nature and future of the Full Moon rides rest in your hands...I cannot police 300 riders.

Lights. Whether you voted for Obama or not, put some lights on your bike (it is the law).

That is it for the finger waving, stay tuned for dets on next ride.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLIII

When: Wed, July 1st @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Independence Day

It is officially summer now.  July will be special too.  Why?  Because it has 2 Full Moons.  Yes 2.  One on July 1st and one on July 31st, which will also be a Blue Moon.

This ride happens to be so close to the 4th, we should therefore celebrate our freedom to ride...and drink beer.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLII in Review

Remember how you thought the weather was gonna suck for our last ride, so you stayed home?  I feel sorry.  To the other 150+ people who threw all caution to the wind, the weather ended up being great that evening.

Eich's had the alley opened, and we packed that.  Inside, there was music playing, we packed that too.  Then we left and did a nice little stroll through West Sand.  We did a rather not so nice stretch down a muddy road.  We crossed some railroad tracks.  We rolled Baldy.  And we ended at our final destination, the Eagle's Club.  We have ended here before and it really is a great establishment for us.  Some hang out inside (not sure why), some on the back deck and some on the nicely manicured lawn.  Trike-a-boom provided entertainment.  Thanks to Stephanie and her crew for taking such great care of everyone's hydration needs.

I would also like to say a big THANK YOU to you.  Yes, all of you that went and stood patiently in line for your drink and were very kind and courteous to the staff.  They had nothing but great things to say about you.  It is all the positive feedback that allows for these rides to continue and local establishments to beg for us to come back.

Lastly, a note about the weather.  We don't care about it.  The ride date is the ride date, weather be damned.  Sometimes it is nice and warm and we get great views of the moon.  And sometimes it is wet, cold, snowy, windy and the moon is no where to be found.  We ride regardless.

For visuals, click HERE

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLII

Is it April showers bring May flowers?  Or May showers bring June flowers?

When: Tue, Jun 2nd @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Biker Rally

OK, so this month's theme will take a little more reading and thought then last month, when I said grab some 90s shit out your closet.  Ready?  Here we go...

If you follow the news, you may have heard about this biker incident that happened in Waco, Texas (yes, the very same Waco).  Basically, some bikers...and by "bikers" I mean the gas powered together for a rally and had a disagreement about colors, patches and turf.  Clubs, bats, chains, guns and knives were welded to resolve the issue.  Not sure it resolved the issue.

However, this incident got me thinking about how bikers...and by "bikers" here I mean the pedal powered kind...get together in mass, like FBC or Spokefest, and we don't have major physical clashes between niches.  Now I am not gonna get all philosophical and why that is, but may it is based on choice in what we ride, gas vs. pedal.  Or maybe it is because the person who chooses to ride a bike (gas power) is built a little differently than the person who chooses to ride a different bike (pedal power).

Regardless, I like a good cause.  Something we can all rally behind for our full moon ride.  A solidarity piece so to speak.  So, let's dress up in biker garb (pedal power...or gas power) and have a biker rally...peacefully.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLI in Review

Wow, I guess our last ride happened a while back and the write has been lacking.  So, here ya go...

Some 140+ riders gathered at Eich's for our last ride.  Eich's didn't get the permit in time to open the alley, so things were nice and cozy inside the pub.  Many gathered outside anyways.  We had yet another amazing night for a Full Moon ride.  We left Eich's, did a little jaunt through South Sand, crossed the Long Bridge and ended at the LBG for our final destination.

Dan and his crew really went all out for this ride.  They had the parking lot setup with tables and chairs.  There was a drink table so you could buy outside and not even have to set foot in the bar.  They also had "Welcome FBC Riders" displayed on the reader board.  Nice touch.  Most everyone hang out in the parking lot around the trike-a-boom, socialized and gazed up at the full moon.

We had a lot of new riders on this ride.  That may sound amazing, as sometimes you wonder who in North Idaho hasn't been on a FBC ride yet.  I guess there are still some out there, and we will find them and recruit them.

Lastly, the 90s was our theme, people must have thought was cool cause many participated.

For visuals, click HERE

Until next time...

Monday, April 27, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XLI

When: Sat, May 2nd @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: 90s

It is not a school night.  I'm sure many of you will take advantage of that.

Our theme is the 1990s.  So many great things happened in the 90s.  From music like 98 Degrees...wait!  What?!  Yeah, wikipedia said they were the epitope of the 90s.  But what about gangster rap?  What about grunge?  Anyways, then there were the fashion trends like bleached hair, rolling up one pant leg, flannel shirts, sweaters around the waist (stupid), fanny packs, etc.  There was some cool tech stuff too like walkmans, pagers, nintendo and more.

You see, there really is a lot of ideas out there to help you get involved in our theme for the ride.  Now hurry and go hit up the thrift stores before everyone else.  Or, go pull out that box from the back of your closet.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XL in Review

OK, so let's see here.  I made some notes for the evening.  It really helps.  My grandpa was right.  We had 110+ riders show up for our Easter themed ride.  Eich's was packed to the brim.  They might need to start opening up the alley again.

We had riders show up from Colville, Lewiston, Victor and CDA.  The trike-a-boom made it's return for the summer.  We had lots and lots of people dressed up with bunny gear, baskets and other weird shit I didn't understand...but, hey, thanks for participating anyway.

We left Eich's and cruised on over to the Lakeview Park where we did a Easter eggs hunt, FBC style.  There were dozens and dozens of plastic eggs with reflective tape spread around the field of the park.  Some were filled with some really cool stuff, like gift certificates, earrings, lights, cool valve caps and stickers.  And then there were some with candy...of course.  Watching some 100 grown people running around the field in the dark looking for little eggs is, well one of the most entertaining things I have seen.  We haven't done the egg hunt in a few years, so it was a nice recurrence.

After the egg hunt, we cruised down to the boat launch where the moon was just too big and beautiful to not stop and do a group photo.  Damn, good idea but less than stellar results.  We left.

We ended at the Neighborhood Pub.  A first for them.  Thanks to Magnus, John and crew for working their asses off and being very understanding.  We had a good time there.  Although there was a photo bombing bunny who got rather inappropriate.  Some of you may not look at bunnies the same way anymore.

For visuals, click HERE

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XL

Full Moon Fiasco 40...yes I translated this one for you, cause it is significant.

When: Sat, Apr 4th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Easter Bunnies

Creative theme? Maybe not.  But hey, bunnies and hidden prizes in eggs are pretty cool.  Oh, and, this ride happens to fall on a non-school night.  Hellz yeah!

So, we hear it every year, "It is the beginning of the bike season, and I am not sure if I am in bike shape."  Blah, blah.  Whatever.  These here rides are social.  You will not get left behind, unless you are a total asshole.  Then you will get left, but on purpose.

Anyways, it has been a while, but the Easter bunny looks to be paying a visit on this here ride.  Good for you.  You might wanna bring your collection basket.

Is there anything else to tell ya?  Oh, bring lights.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XXXIX in Review

What a night for a bike ride.  Hard to believe it was the beginning of March.  85+ riders showed up at Eich's ready to ride.  And we had a group of guys visiting from Philly that also joined in.  This ride happened to fall on Multiple Personalities Day, and so, that was our theme.

We did a rather long ride, for March, and cruised down the Dover Path, hooked past SWAC and meandered down to City Beach.

We ended our tour at Trinity and basically hadthe place to ourselves.  They stayed open way past closing and we had a good time.  Thanks to Hayden, Thane and the rest of the staff for being so cool.

This ride featured the return of the Trike-a-Boom.  Having tunes added to the "summer" like feel of the ride.  Thanks to FBC Lifetime Member for Life Tim for that and his great musical selection.

A super special sight of the night was FBC Lifetime Member for Life Tom and his new High Wheeler.  He got it for his 49th birthday earlier in the day, assembled it and hauled it to Eich's for its inaugural ride.  Super cool story, super cool bike and a super cool dude.

For visuals, click HERE.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XXXIX

Year 4 here we come.

When: Thur, March 5th @7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Multiple Personalities

National Multiple Personality Day happens to fall on our next ride.  It is a serious condition.  It affects more than 20k people a year in the US.  Basically, like the name implies, the person has 2 or more distinct personality states.  These states can have their own unique names, personal history and attributes.  Fascinating.

How does that relate to FBC, our theme and this ride?  Who knows.  But FBC is a safe place.  Dress up as something or someone that maybe you always wanted too, or come as yourself.  Let something out, or just keep it all in.  Either way, just come ride and have fun.

In case you need some further explanation, you can always rely on South Park, and better yet Randy, to help put these issues in perspective...

Monday, February 23, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XXXVIII in Review

Well, 3 years in the books.  Thanks to the 40 some riders that showed up at Eich's to celebrate that milestone.  Many came dressed on some formal attire, and it was a good thing.

We did a little ride through town and went on over to some friends of FBC who have a little photo studio.  Atom and Marjan had set up a Full Moon photo booth.  They took some sweet pics of everyone and we drank some beverages.  Huge thanks to them for all their work.  If you wanna check them out, or better yet order some prints, check em out Atom & Mars Photography.

After some photos in our fine attire, we mosied on back to Eich's for our after party and giveaways.  Why back to Eich's?  Well, for one, the ride was the day after Groundhog Day and we thought that was pretty fitting...although not maybe timely.  We also like to give major props to Jeff and the crew at Eich's for supporting FBC and allowing our monthly shenanigans to happen there every month, for 3 years (and trust me I have had to do some day after FBC apologizing for some of you).  Lastly, we have never left Eich's and then went back to Eich's...and we like to keep it fresh.

Anyways, we all gathered upstairs.  We gave away a bunch of great shit.  We played some shuffleboard.  We told stories.  And most importantly we gave the FBC Sandpoint MVF Award to Lifetime Member for Life Dick.  While we have A LOT of great members, Dick goes a little bit above and beyond every month by always showing up regardless of weather, dressing to the theme, smile on his face and ready to party, promoting and spreading the good word of FBC, helping keep the younger generation in line, donating to any and every cause we throw our hat into and being an all around great guy to ride with.

We also gave Best Dressed to Lifetime Member for Life Jason, although it doesn't seem to take much incentive for him to dress up...or in this case dress down.

Lastly, thanks to all the businesses that threw in swag and have supported FBC Sandpoint through the years:  Laughing Dog Brewing, Idaho Pour Authority, MickDuff's Brewing Co., 219er, Stradasoul, Greasy Fingers Bikes, Eichardt's Pub Grill & Coffee House, Larson's and Small House Winery.

For visuals, click HERE

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XXXVIII

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear FBC Sandpoint Lifetime Members for Life,
Happy Birthday to you.

When: Tue, Feb 3rd @7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Formal Birthday Suit Attire

That is as close to singing as you will get from me.  And so this not so little bike club is turning 3.  You all were so cute back in the beginning.  Ahh, the memories...

Anyways, dress up and head to Eich's.  We will ride somewhere cool.  There we reminisce over the last year, the rides we've done, the places we've gone, the friends we've made...or at least the things we remember.

We will have a bunch of cool shit to give away.  We will have some awards and honors.

There will also be a professional photo booth at our destination, meaning people will be there that take a lot better pictures than I do.  So, wear something clean and neat.

Sounds pretty neat.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Full Moon Fiasco XXXVII in Review

What a way to bring in 2015!  Our last ride happened to occur during a major snow storm.  Not the first time. It happened to fall on a Sunday.  Not the first time either.  However, having the ride fall on a Sunday with a major snow storm is unique.  Why?  The City does not plow on Sundays, or so I hear and did seem evident that night.  The streets were full of snow.  I am talking close to a foot of white fluffy stuff.  Needles to say, traveling by bike was difficult on any street.

Nevertheless, you FBCers are a hardy bunch, and 20 of you (12 on fat bikes) showed up at Eich's ready to ride.  We left and did the shortest route in FBC history as we rounded Eich's, hit Second, did a few laps around the City Fountain and ended at Connie's.

There we sat by the fire, jammed old school rock on the jukebox, played some pool and had some drinks.  We also did some good community service and helped push out 3 different cars that got stuck....bikes were not the only ones having trouble commuting.

Thanks to Katie and the Connie's crew for taking good care of us all and staying open passed their normal hours.  And a big thanks to FBC Lifetime Member for Life Dustin for taking some sweet pics of the night and sharing.

Remember, February 3rd will be our Birthday Ride...Happy 3 Years...stay tuned for dets.

For visuals, click HERE