Friday, December 19, 2014

Full Moon Fiasco XXXVI in Review

So our last ride was the last ride of 2014.  It was also our annual Festivus ride.  We had some 47ish riders deck the halls of Eich's dressed in bad holiday sweaters, good holiday sweaters, normal clothing and some not so normal clothing.

Speaking of clothing, FBC Lifetime Member for Life Dick made some sweet, custom FBC tees just for the occasion (see pics).  Thanks Dick!

When we entered Eich's at 7pm the weather was bleak.  Cold and rainy turned to just cold when we hit the road at 8pm.  Roads were in pretty good shape and I think only one person went down on the ride.  The route was rather short and we stuck to major arteries as most side streets were still a shit show.

We arrived at our destination, Common Knowledge Bookstore and Teahouse.  We have had a ride end there before, and Shelby and his crew always create a nice warm environment with great service.  I believe we have pretty much ran them out of beer both times as well.  Big thanks to them for opening up just for us.

Once at Common Knowledge, we warmed up, got drinks and placed out wrapped gifts around the FBC Festivus Tree.  FBC Lifetime Members for Life Jane and Lindsey played little elfs and handed out presents to everyone (most everyone did bring a present).  Once everyone had a gift in hand, we all opened them together.  We had a $5 gift suggestion, which means you might think there were a lot of shitty gifts.  Not so much the case, there was actually a lot of pretty creative and cool stuff like a flask, solar lights, wool socks, caps, homemade wine, paint and others I cannot remember.  Nice work to all of you.

One last note, I believe we had 11 fat bikes on the ride.  Cool sight to see.

For visuals, click HERE

P.S. Our FBC Sandpoint Birthday Fiasco will be in February, stay tuned for this must not miss event.

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