Saturday, October 18, 2014

Full Moon Fiasco XXXIV in Review

Last ride we had some 115 bikers show up mostly wearing pink.  Pink in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Eich's again had the alley open which really helps with all the warm bodies drinking beer and waiting for the ride to start.

Our route was an awesome one, and somewhat longer than normal due to the great weather.  We rode out Boyer, across the Popsicle Bridge and back to Sandpoint via and Sandcreek Bike Path.  We did a quick loop through City Beach and then down 1st and up to the MickDuff's Beer Tasting Hall.  There Dave and crew were waiting and did a very fine job of taking care of everyone's hydration needs.  That place was packed.  It was nice to have the outdoor area there as well to accommodate all the riders.

And speaking of riders, we had some come from Grangeville, Lewiston and Spokane for the ride this month.

Lots of people dressed up, there was even a pink bike.  Thanks to all of you that showed your support for boobies and FBC Sandpoint.  No really.  THANK YOU all for being so awesome and showing up on these monthly rides and being cool, somewhat organized and making memories.  These ride would be nothing if it weren't to you all showing up and buying into the (sometimes silly) ideas that we promote.  I will shut up now and go back to working on our Festivus (December) ride...yes things get planned that far in advance,

For visuals, click HERE

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