Saturday, September 27, 2014

Full Moon Fiasco XXXIII in Review

I would say we ushered summer out with a bang!  Some 110ish riders joined the Panhandle Animal Shelter at Eich's in supports of Bark, Bikes and Brew.  The concept was pretty simple, much like last year, Eich's donated a keg of beer.  All beer sales in the alley went to the animal shelter.  FBCers like to drink, so a win-win there.  FBC also donated all the money from our spoke cards to the shelter as well.  We raised $450 bucks that night before we ever even left for our ride.  Cool.

So, after helping cute, furry animals we did I sweet little ride out the Dover path and ended at Dish.  Rob and Erin were waiting for us and slayed the drinks.  Weather was great, full moon was out in full force.

We had some riders from way up North in Canada come on our ride.  Yes, we have international FBC Lifetime Members for Life.

I hear someone went boom on their bike.  Unless you play golf or video games, when you get out and enjoy life then sometimes things happen....

For visuals, click HERE

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Full Moon Fiasco XXXIII

Summer is coming to an end...

When: Mon, Sept 8th at 7pm (note Fall/Winter meet time)
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Bark, Bike & Brew

Summer may be coming to an end, but FBC never ends!  This month we will again be helping out the
Panhandle Animal Shelter....just like last year.  This is how it is gonna work.  Show up anytime from 5-8pm at Eich's.  They will have the alley open again and serving beer up out there.  They are donating proceeds from beer sales outside to the shelter.  So, you show up on your bike.  You drink beer.  The more you drink, the more goes to the shelter to help needy, little fuzzy puppies (and kitties).  You see it is really your civic duty to come drink beer.  Otherwise...

The shelter will be on hand to chat animals.  They will have an area fenced off, if you wanna bring your furry friend to social and have people declare "How cute he/she looks."

It is getting dark earlier now, so we will go to our Fall/Winter at 7pm and leave at 8pm.

That about sums it up.  Dress up if ya want, or don't, and just save that money for beer.  All spoke card sales will also go to the shelter this month.  The shelter also welcomes animal food/supply donations, click HERE for list.  This is for the puppies, bikes and beer!