Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Full Moon Fiasco XXXII

Remember what we did last August?  Of course you don't, that's why I'm here...

When: Mon, Aug 11th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Back to School

This was a very popular ride last year.  Lots of people dressed up.  Some memories are still burned in my mind.

If you are sitting there scratching your head, as to what you might wear, let me give you ladies some suggestions: schoolgirl, hot teacher, "that" girl, it?  Now for you guys, I don't really have many ideas: a science lab geek, prep squad sign guy, track star, principal...I don't think anyone really cares.

There will be some prizes for BEST DRESSED male and female.

Eich's will again have the alley open for us... use it, buy beers and tell them thanks

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