Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Full Moon Fiasco XXIX in Review

May is the Flower Moon.  May was themed Flower Power.  Hence people came dressed up as hippies, with flowers, as flowers and in guys can be so literal.  Anyhow, some 101 bikes showed up at Eichs.  We rode around the skirts of town and quickly got on the Sagle bike path.

We ended at 41 South.  There Cassandra and crew stayed open way passed closing and served up drinks.  As a side note, our original destination bailed out on us that morning (scheduling conflict).  41 South was more than happy to host us on short notice.  Oh, and the crew at Shoga was also mighty fine.

Anyways, fun was had.  The moon was out.  Pictures were taken of it, I saw them.  We had some new members inducted, congrats to them.

Now to a very important announcement: PUT LIGHTS ON YOUR BIKE.  Seriously.  Yes, it is the law.  Yes, you can get a ticket.  Yes, lights are like cool.  Yes, it could save your ass.  Yes, I have said all this before.

For visuals, click HERE

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