Monday, March 31, 2014

Full Moon Fiasco XXVII in Review

So, our last gathering featured people dressed in green for some national (or not so national) holiday.  Even though the weather sucked, 50ish riders headed out into the rain and cold for a loop that we purposely kept short.  We ended at MickDuff's where it was nice and warm and dry and the beer was cold.  And thank God NOT green.  There, Carrera and crew took very fine care of all the riders.  They typically close at 9, but stayed open passed 11 just for little old FBC.  A very big thank you to them.

And a very huge shout out to our loyal FBC Sandpoint members from Lewiston, who made the trek up just for the ride that night.  These 3 hearty souls and their dedication, is really what makes this club what it is.  Oh, and a little cherry on top?  FBC Lifetime Member for Life Scott, brought with him some custom St. Paddy's Day/FBC stickers!  They were bitchin!  If you weren't there, then well, you missed out.

Another thing you will miss out on?  Pictures.  It seems my FBC camera has been stolen.  Not at this last FBC, but at some other biking event that featured some beers.  So, 2 little pics for you all this time will have to rely on your own memories of the night.

Until next time...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Full Moon Fiasco XXVII

Year 3.

When: Sun, March 16th @ 7pm
Where: Eich's
Theme: Green

Here we go.  I'm Irish.  Good Irishmen celebrate that fact they are Irish pretty much all year.  St. Patrick's Day however, is a great time for non-Irish folk to join in on the festivities and see how the Irish roll.  So, grab some green and put it on...otherwise you might get, well you know.

We will meet and celebrate like they did way back in the late eighteenth century...except we have much better bikes.

If you didn't get one of those fancy FBC Sandpoint pint glasses on the last ride, bring $4.  There will also be some stickers if ya want.