Friday, July 26, 2013

Last FBC Spokane Ride

Our fellow FBC chapter in Spokane is having their very last ride, EVER, this Saturday.  Some Sandpoint Lifetime Members for Life are gonna go down and ride with them.  Come join in.  Here are some dets:

5:15 - meet at Evan's Bros Coffee...if ya wanna caravan down to The Swamp Tavern 
7:00 - meet at The Swamp, get a spoke card and a beverage
9:00 - ride leaves The Swamp know how this works it's a secret
???? - festivities end, some members are driving back after and others are gonna get a hotel (recommended).

Bring your bike, lights and dress in BLACK.

Wanna know where to stay?  Shoot me a message.  Otherwise, you are all adults so work out the small shit.  See you there.

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