Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XVIII in Review

You all never cease to amaze.

65ish riders came with cash to Eich's.  You were all dressed in regular clothes, but I still recognized ya.  I ran out of spoke cards, but people continued to give money to the cause.  I guess you all like the sound of Free Beer.

Anyway, we left Eich's and cruised down the Dover path.  We hit Lakeview, did a loop through South Sand and ended at FBC Sandpoint Lifetime members for Life Dick and Linda's house.  These 2 are some of the most dedicated members.  They are always down to help the club and this night was no exception.  They had their place decked.  Fun times were had by all.  There were a couple of sprinkles.

In the end, we raised $300 for 24 Hours for Hank!  Thanks to all the contributed.  And a big thanks to the many hands that helped make the night a success.

Note: July is gonna be huge for the FBC.  I'm just giving you notice.  Mentally prepare yourselves.

For visuals, click HERE

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