Friday, July 26, 2013

Last FBC Spokane Ride

Our fellow FBC chapter in Spokane is having their very last ride, EVER, this Saturday.  Some Sandpoint Lifetime Members for Life are gonna go down and ride with them.  Come join in.  Here are some dets:

5:15 - meet at Evan's Bros Coffee...if ya wanna caravan down to The Swamp Tavern 
7:00 - meet at The Swamp, get a spoke card and a beverage
9:00 - ride leaves The Swamp know how this works it's a secret
???? - festivities end, some members are driving back after and others are gonna get a hotel (recommended).

Bring your bike, lights and dress in BLACK.

Wanna know where to stay?  Shoot me a message.  Otherwise, you are all adults so work out the small shit.  See you there.

Full Moon Fiasco XIX in Review

Whoa.  That ride was off the hook!

So, 110ish riders gathered at Eich's for our RIP FBC Spokane ride.  Many were dressed in a respectable black outfit.  Soon Eich's was busting at the seams, and so we mounted our bikes and headed into West Sand.  We neared SWAC and then headed South, joining the Sagle path and eventually arriving at Dish.  It was an awesome night for riding.

Dish was amazing.  We tested them and they passed with flying colors.  Thanks gang for staying open late and taking care of us.

Let's see, what else.  Oh, there were 3 B Days around this ride and there was a spanking train.  My hand still hurts.  Hope you had a good night Lifetime Members for Life Jeff, Carrera and Solan.

There was music to ride by.  A custom bike with car battery, speakers, amp and a sweet play list.

Then there was the rather disturbing baby casket marked "RIP FBC Spokane."  Everyone signed it and left messages.  We will deliver to Spokane Saturday for their last ride.  Thanks to Lifetime Member for Life Dave for his work on this, it really was pretty cool.

For visuals, click HERE.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XIX

Try and keep up...

When: July 22nd @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Black

So, times are a changin.  FBC Spokane is calling it quits after 6 years.  The FBC Spokane founder, Jeff, is hanging up his hat (or helmet).  FBC Spokane is kinda of our sister club and Jeff is a stud.  They have done some damn good work down there in Spokane.  Here is a few things you may not know: they were voted the Best Bike Club in Spokane, many of the Spokane City Council Members have ridden with them, they average around 125 riders a month, they have done more than 70 Full Moon Rides, they have some bad ass spoke cards designs and the Spokane Mayor has ridden with them...I know you like random facts.

Pay attention.  We will ride on the Full Moon, on the 22nd, and we will dress in black respecting this end to an FBC era.  We will pay our respects in a proper way, by raising a glass and maybe pouring some 40s on the ground (no wait, we would never waste beer).  This ride will be a funeral procession of sorts as we celebrate life and bikes and how lucky we are to get together and ride under the Full Moon.  Dress accordingly.

The VERY LAST FBC SPOKANE ride is the following Saturday (July 27th) after our ride.  Many of us FBC Sandpoint Lifetime Members for Life will be traveling down to also join in on their last ride and pay homage.  Wanna go to?  I'm sure you do.  Stay tuned for joint details...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XVIII in Review

You all never cease to amaze.

65ish riders came with cash to Eich's.  You were all dressed in regular clothes, but I still recognized ya.  I ran out of spoke cards, but people continued to give money to the cause.  I guess you all like the sound of Free Beer.

Anyway, we left Eich's and cruised down the Dover path.  We hit Lakeview, did a loop through South Sand and ended at FBC Sandpoint Lifetime members for Life Dick and Linda's house.  These 2 are some of the most dedicated members.  They are always down to help the club and this night was no exception.  They had their place decked.  Fun times were had by all.  There were a couple of sprinkles.

In the end, we raised $300 for 24 Hours for Hank!  Thanks to all the contributed.  And a big thanks to the many hands that helped make the night a success.

Note: July is gonna be huge for the FBC.  I'm just giving you notice.  Mentally prepare yourselves.

For visuals, click HERE