Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XVIII

Super Moon?  Whatever...

When: Tue, Jun 25th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: None

So, while all the amateur moon watchers will be gazing at the night sky in super moon disbelief, we will do the same thing we do every full moon...ride our bikes!

Couple things.  For those keeping track, the ride is not actually on the full moon.  OMG.  Are you done gasping, wheezing and throwing a fit?  Good.  There is no theme either.  OMG.  Are you about done with your hysterics?  Some changes this month.

First, many of the core FBC Sandpoint members will be doing this little bike race called the "Race Across America" during the actual full moon.  Second, no theme cause we want you to save your costume money.

The plan: we will ride to a destination where we will have FREE beer.  Yes.  What I ask is this--while people are off riding across the country, take a peek at the cause they are riding and raising money for (24 Hours for Hank).  Take the hard earned money you would have spent on a costume this month and the money you would have spent on beer for the night and bring it to Eich's.  THIS MONTH WE WILL ASK $5 FROM EACH OF YOU, WHICH WILL GET YOU A SPOKE CARD AND TICKETS FOR FREE BEER AT OUR FINAL DESTINATION.  Well, nothing is really "free."  All the money we collect for the evening will go to 24 Hours for Hank.

That is all.  See you on the other side...

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