Monday, June 10, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XVII in Review

45ish riders hit the streets for this last full moon ride.  We rode through West Sand and down a rather long, dark and mud-puddle-filled alley.  I think we may have lost a couple of "girls" there, not sure, but I did hear some screams.  Anyway, we hippies rode on over to Common Knowledge where Shelby and crew were ready and waiting.  We killed a couple kegs, but they had plenty of back up beer.  Job well done.

The moon came out and it was amazing.  And it was big.  And many people walked out and took pictures.

We gave out prizes.  Best dressed went to Life Time Member for Life Dave, a FBC Spokane and Sandpoint member who attended both rides for the month.  We also gave a special surprise to Julia, a rather new FBC Sandpoint member hailing all the way from New Hampshire.  I'm not sure exactly where that is or what people do there, but I'm sure they don't have rides like this.  We thought she should get an award for being from such a far place and being so rad.

So there.

Click HERE for visuals.

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