Saturday, May 4, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XVI in Review

We are NOT a critical mass.  We have fun while obeying traffic laws.  Don't get it?  Then don't come.

So, our last ride we had 80+ riders show up for the April Full Moon Fiasco.  April is the Pink Moon and so our theme was simple, pink.  Many came dressed in pink, had pink accessories or even pink bikes.  In the end, FBC Lifetime Member for Life Dave went all out with his custom pink cruiser bike.  Nice work.

We took a nice extended loop through NW Sand and came down Pine to our final destination at Roxy's.  There was a rather big round about in the route.  Not sure why the regulars at Roxy's gave us funny looks when we came in??? I guess 80 rides dressed in pink in a biker (biker being motorcycle) bar is unusual.  Anyway, they warmed up and the staff did an amazing job handling the numbers.

We said good-bye to FBC Sandpoint Lifetime Members for Life Blair and Jim S.  They will be missed.  I saw some dancing and some skin (I didn't really wanna see it).  Jukeboxes are cool.

The weather was great and the moon did make an appearance...and yes, it was even pink.

For visuals, click HERE

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