Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XIV in Review

1 year, done.  If I may, these rides don't happen without the help of many hands.  Thanks to Lifetime Member for Life Fast Eddie and Jane for always pitching in, picking up the slack and making sure nothing gets forgotten.  Thanks to Lifetime Member for Life Ron for being the towel boy (not the sweat catcher either) and keeping people jazzed and energy levels high.  He is always down.  Thanks to Lifetime Member for Life Al for all things design and pretty.  Thanks to all our local watering holes for being so welcoming (none have asked us NOT to come back).  And finally, all you riders who continue to show up pumped to go ride and following our ONE rule: not being an asshole.  

Birthday ride, 25ish riders hit Eich's dressed for the occasion and ready to ride.  Well mostly...pumps aren't conducive to riding.  Cards were passed out and we headed out riding into West Sand, back South and finishing our loop at the DTC.  Darcy and crew were awesome!  They were very accommodating and even arranged to have Diagonal House play for us, good rock music.  We crowned a “King” and “Queen” for our semi-formal event: Lifetime Members for Life Tracy and Dick.  Presents were also handed out, as it was a birthday party after all (BIG thanks to Lifetime Members for Life Dick and Dr. Ed for their donations) and good times were had by all.

For visuals, click HERE

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