Friday, December 27, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XXIV in Review

It was a Festivus Miracle that the weather held and we had a great night for a ride.

People showed up at Eichs dressed in their Christmas best...or worst.  Most all came with wrapped presents.

We hydrated, met some original members of FBC Spokane, checked out each others Christmas sweaters, bragged about whose gift was gonna be better, greeted some new Lifetime Members for Life and took cold medicine (or at least I did).

We left Eichs, did a rather long loop through South Sand and by some of the more decorated houses in the area.  It was a treat and riders rang their bells in affirmation.  We came back downtown and did a lap around the round-about at City Beach.  We then arrived at Bricks and Barley for our final destination.  They were not scheduled to be open that night, BUT the girls lite up the OPEN sign, fired up the pizza oven, started a fire in the pit on the back patio, slung cold brews, played Christmas music and in general made everyone feel at home.  As a side note, I think this establishment might have the biggest ratio of FBC Lifetime Members for Life out of any other in town...although I didn't actually run the numbers.

There was a Festivus pole made out of differing beer cans, which in case you did not know, are made out of aluminum.  We may not have strictly adhered to the Festivus pole guidelines, but hey, we couldn't find an aluminum pole and in the end we made it our way, the FBC Sandpoint way.  So, there.  Anyway, people placed their finely wrapped gifts around the Festivus pole for the exchange later in the eve.

Oh yeah, so then later in the eve after some other stuff, we had our second annual FBC Sandpoint Gift Exchange.  There were some good gifts, some bad gifts, some interesting gifts and some what the hell gifts.  It was fun.  A special thanks to Lifetime Members for Life Dick and Linda for the Full Moon, glow in the dark clock.

We bid a good night to the wonderful staff and went out into the night.

For visuals, click HERE

Friday, November 29, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XXIV

Ahh, here were are approaching this time of giving.  And Black Friday.  And crazy deals.

When: Tue, Dec 17th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Festivus

Thanks to Lifetime Members for Life Al and Jeff, we will celebrate Festivus this year.  Don't know what that means?  Take 11 minutes out of your life to hear about this great holiday via Seinfeld.

Got it now?  Good.  Regardless of weather, grab your bike and head down to Eich's.  Break out that bad holiday sweater, elf outfit (please!), santa suit or whatever.  Bring with you a wrapped gift of no more than $5 (no fake donation cards please).

We will do a shorter route through town, and stick to main arteries if there is foul weather.  We will end somewhere warm and gather around a durable, but strong aluminum pole.  And then we will commence with our annual FBC Gift Exchange.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XXIII in Review

Nice work FBC Sandpoint.

So, we donated more pounds of food than last year (277lbs), more money than last ($200) and had more riders than last year (35ish).  All this happened on a night much like last year, rainy and cold.  Not that the weather seems to matter much to you all.

Wondering about what impact FBC made?  The Dept of Agriculture estimates the average person eats 4.7lbs of food per day.  $1 roughly buys you 1lbs of food.  So, FBC Sandpoint's donation will feed just over 100 people for a 1 day.  Hellz ya!

We had a contest to see who could bring in the most food (in lbs).  Lifetime Members for Life Jake and Angela took in top honors with over 73lbs, followed by Brandon and Connie (36lbs), Party Marty (17lbs) and Dick and Linda (16lbs).

The FBC Headquarters is small but mighty.  It always takes several hands to pull off a month of Full Moon fun.  This month was an exception, there were many, many people that contributed to make this night a success.  This is kinda like the movie credits, but in this case DO NOT tune out as these folks deserve some props...

  • Larson's for donating a $50 gift cert for our top prize
  • Idaho Pour Authority and Uncle John for donating growlers
  • Eichardt's, Jeff Nizzoli and Paz for opening up on a night they would have been closed for maintenance...and donating a $25 gift certificate...this is home
  • Eureka Institute and Steve Holt for allowing FBC to use the facilities for the after party
  • Bonner Community Food Bank and John Larabee for opening after hours to take in our food
  • Father Mark (and his assistant Tina) for making some damn good home brew and donating it to you thirsty riders
  • Fast Eddie for cutting and hauling in firewood and building a bitchin hot bon fire
  • Lifetime Member for Life Liz for heading clean up
  • Last but not least, J-Rad, for well, being J-Rad and taking care of all the details
And of course a big thanks to all you riders who hauled in food and braved the weather to help others...and drink free beer.

That concludes this review, for visuals click HERE

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XXIII

It is that time of year again, mmm food...

When: Sun, Nov 17th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's (yes, they will be open 6-8 just for fbc!)
Theme: Thanks4Giving II

Holidays are a great time to eat good food and hang with friends and family.  But what might come easy for some, can be a challenge for others.  The Bonner Community Food Bank needs help in fulfilling food demands for the upcoming holidays.  This is where you FBC Sandpoint members come in...

Last year FBC Sandpoint donated 273lbs of food and $100 cash--WE WILL WANT TO BEAT THAT THIS YEAR!  Here we go with dets...

Regarding your money for the evening:
  • Save your dollar donation for a spoke will get one spoke card for FREE this month with any food donation
  • Save the money you might have spent on a costume for the ride, this evening is about giving
  • Save the money you would have spent on drinks at the ride destination, there will be FREE HOME BREWED beer (along with some other beer) at destination
  • SPEND all this saved up money on food items for the Food Bank
Regarding the agenda for the evening:
  • You will bring your donated food items with you to Eichardt's at 7pm (you will NOT have to take them on the ride with you) so bring as much as you can possibly handle
  • You will try and bring food items that are on the following "need" list (although I'm sure they will take others): peanut butter, juice, coffee, breakfast cereal, canned fruit, mayo/mustard, jam, canned meat, canned beans, canned veggies, tuna, pasta, canned soup and spaghetti sauce.  Do not bring homemade items/canned products, expired items, unmarked cans or anything opened...duh.   
  • Everyone's food items will be weighed at Eichardt's and an individual weight list will be compiled
  • The person who brings the most food (as weighed on our precision weighing device) will receive a sweet prize
  • What's the sweet prize you ask?  How about a $50 Gift Certificate to Larson's!!...among other prizes
Once we have weighed all the food and determined our winner, we will load all this food into bike trailers (if you have a bike trailer and wanna help haul, email me ( and then we will all caravan over to the Food Bank.  The Food Bank office will be a little intermittent stop en route to our final destination.  Once we have handed over all the food to the Food Bank rep, who is graciously coming in after hours, then we will head to our final destination.  There we will find good times, warm accommodations and oh, FREE beer.

Don't wanna go shopping or haul food around?  Then just bring cash donation.  However, you have to bring food in and get it weighed at 7 if you wanna compete for prizes and the gift certificate.  Got all that?  I know it is a lot, so you may wanna read it again... 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XXII in Review

Fred and Wilma, a couple Things, Duck Dynasty bros, Wayne and Garth, Superheroes, Scrabble Pieces, Mike Tyson and his lion, a "Samich," Blood and Crip, Vikings...these are some of the couples/pairings that I saw at our last ride.  You FBCers never cease to amaze.

Some 115 riders packed Eich's on a non-school night.  A word on our monthly rider numbers.  Our official FBC Sandpoint count is always done by FBC Lifetime Member for Life J-Rad.  Now she was some sort of savant in 1st grade and her counting skills are second to none.  In addition, she does not drink.  Therefore, she is the best and most reliable person for this job...I've seen some of you others try.  Anyway, back to the ride...

Our sickeningly cute, sweet and lovey couple, that by the way was getting hitched the next day, was on hand for the ride.  They also brought several out of town family members.  Just think, you all will be in someone's family album.

So, we all left Eich's and made our way to the City Beach.  There we did a lap in the round about and then headed down the Sandcreek Path.  We went through the Field of Nightmares, down Hwy 200 for a short jaunt and ended at the Hideaway Lounge.  This Sandpoint staple is not known by many, and therefore, many have never visited it.  So, it was a treat.  Amber and her crew worked like crazy to tend to everyone.  They had the back door open and it was a great night to be outside looking up at the moon.  Weather and viewing conditions really could not have been much better.

Our FBC Sandpoint Best Dressed judges had a real hard time this month.  Ultimately, 2nd place went to the Things and 1st place awards went to Fred and Wilma.

For visuals, click HERE


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XXII

Fall is officially here...

When: Oct 18th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Favorite Couple and/or Pairings

So, 2 of our loyal FBC Sandpoint members are getting married very soon.  They are one of those just make you sick couples, so damn cute, sweet and lovey.  So, we will celebrate this seemingly weird entwinement or bond that happens between 2 people that makes "seemingly average couples" wanna barf, and dress up like your favorite couple or pairing (note: can be people or animate objects).  Basically, just any 2 things that kinda go together and you like, which may or may not be like the aforementioned couple.

Not getting it?  Let me give you some examples: Lone Ranger and Tonto (people, bromance), Peanut Butter and Jelly (objects, yummy), Bert and Ernie (cartoon people, protagonists), Boobies (on a person but also objects), Bradgelina (people, power couple), Melissa and Christian (sorry, yet another FBC couple that is just so damn cute, sweet and lovey they could just come dressed as themselves)...anyways, you got it now?  Good, get creative.  Or not, come being the only one not putting any thought into what you wear and see where that gets ya.  Prizes.

I typically never jump the gun, but our November ride is gonna have something real special and then we are gonna do something real special...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XXI in Review

Yup, thanks to the 115+ riders that showed up and drank beers at Eich's, I'm sure many animals were saved.  Yappy Hour was going on from 4-8.  Eich's got a special permit to close the alley and there was a sweet gathering of bikes, dogs and people walking around in thrift store outfits (this month's theme).  Thanks FBCers for once again helping our community.

So, after helping animals we had to mount our bikes and leave the sweet alley party.  The night was superb though and the moon was out in full force.  Great views abounded.  We rode through South Sand, but just for a bit.  Then we ducked down an alley, went down by the marina and finally hit the Sagle path.  Our destination was 41 South.  Cass and the crew stayed open many hours past their normal closing time.  Some riders leached over to Shoga.  Damn fine sushi.  In all, riders were happy and all the staff did a very nice job of tending to us all.

It was glaringly obvious that many members had "popped some tags."  There were some great thrift outfits.  Some people I did not recognize because their costume was so good.  In the end, Best Dressed for the evening went to Lifetime Members for Life Theresa and Collin.

The final highlight of the night was the ride back to town across the Long Bridge.  We had had a good time.  The temp was perfect.  The moon was shining over the lake.  And the company was good...until next time...

For visuals, click HERE

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XXI

Fall meeting time in effect!

When: Sept 19th @ 7pm (not 8pm)
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Pop Some Tags

We gonna pop some tags.  Don't know what the hell I'm talking about?  Then watch this.

Now you got it?  Good, now go shopping.  There will be prizes for Best Dressed.

One last thing, I know some of you are questioning how we will know what actually came from the Thrift Shop or not.  You silly little fashionistas, we have well qualified FBC judges that can see right through your cheating costumes.  So, don't even think about it.

Oh and one more last thing, put lights on your bike.  Yes, it is the law.  Yes, you can get pulled over.  And yes, you can get a ticket.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XX in Review

Do you know how rad you are?  You know who "you" are, if not than it's not you.

Anyways, this last Full Moon ride featured some 135ish riders who gathered at Eichs.  Back to School was theme and it brought me back to the awkwards days of trying to talk to chicks and trying to score beer.  Both are much easier now.  But I digress.  I don't think Eichs can hold that many people, and so, there were a lot of people outside.  It was quite a sight.

It was an awesome night.  The moon was out.  We rode through South Sand and down a dark and unimproved alley.  There were a couple of mechanical issues.  We went through the Lakeview Park, always great views.  We bombed a hill.  We lost a couple riders...eventually they found their way.

Then, we ended at La Rosa.  Rob and crew went all out to accommodate us.  There was live music outside.  There were outdoor drink stations.  It was a great venue and the staff went above and beyond the call of duty.

Many people dressed up and there were some really good costumes.  Awards for Best Dressed went to Lifetime Members for Life Connie and Ed.  Nice work.

For visuals, click HERE

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XX

Back to normal or some form of it...

When: Aug 20th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Back to School

Damn summer has been busy!  With the end of summer comes the time when all the kids go back to school.  So, grab some school related clothing and stuff and lets go ride under the moon.  Need clothing suggestions?  Girls: naughty teacher, Catholic schoolgirl.  Guys: football star, computer geek...who cares.

Simple enough for ya?  Good.  There will be prizes again for Best Dressed.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Last FBC Spokane Ride in Review

A hand full of FBC Sandpoint Lifetime Members for Life went over to Spokane to join in on their last Full Moon ride ever.  I was both excited and bummed as we hit The Swamp knowing this was the end for them.  Those feelings didn't last long as departure time changed and J-Rad was MIA and in jeopardy of missing the ride.  We made due effort to locate and contact her to no avail.  So, we trudged on like good friends and got a bucket of Sessions and spoke cards (lucky as there was only 200 cards made).

It was about 8:30 when the 300+ riders started down the street to our next location.  I made one last glance around for J-Rad, but nothing.  I was hoping she might find a "leak" to the final destination and just meet us there.  I hung to the very end of the massive crowd, and as I started to pedal away, here comes J-Rad driving up.  I think she parked on a curb.  I grabbed her bike and rode it next to me down the street.  I passed it off like a baton and we scrambled to catch up to the group.

I hope you enjoyed the dramatic picture I painted...or failed to paint.

Anyway, we did an awesome route that included a steep climb, dirt, gravel, narrow bike paths, 2 bridges over the river, a round-about, several red lights and a bmx freestyle ramp.  We ended at a outdoor wine cellar.  It was decked out and there was a band.  There was beer...and wine...but who cares.  There were prizes, but only LTMFL Jane got something.  There was more beer.  We presented Jeff with our custom coffin signed by all our fine FBC Sandpoint members.  We thrashed some stuff with the band.  There was a Park Hammer.

It ended.  Then we rode to the hotel.  We took the long way...not on purpose.  There was more beer.  Like all good things, there is a beginning and an end so enjoy the times in between.

For visuals, click HERE

Friday, July 26, 2013

Last FBC Spokane Ride

Our fellow FBC chapter in Spokane is having their very last ride, EVER, this Saturday.  Some Sandpoint Lifetime Members for Life are gonna go down and ride with them.  Come join in.  Here are some dets:

5:15 - meet at Evan's Bros Coffee...if ya wanna caravan down to The Swamp Tavern 
7:00 - meet at The Swamp, get a spoke card and a beverage
9:00 - ride leaves The Swamp know how this works it's a secret
???? - festivities end, some members are driving back after and others are gonna get a hotel (recommended).

Bring your bike, lights and dress in BLACK.

Wanna know where to stay?  Shoot me a message.  Otherwise, you are all adults so work out the small shit.  See you there.

Full Moon Fiasco XIX in Review

Whoa.  That ride was off the hook!

So, 110ish riders gathered at Eich's for our RIP FBC Spokane ride.  Many were dressed in a respectable black outfit.  Soon Eich's was busting at the seams, and so we mounted our bikes and headed into West Sand.  We neared SWAC and then headed South, joining the Sagle path and eventually arriving at Dish.  It was an awesome night for riding.

Dish was amazing.  We tested them and they passed with flying colors.  Thanks gang for staying open late and taking care of us.

Let's see, what else.  Oh, there were 3 B Days around this ride and there was a spanking train.  My hand still hurts.  Hope you had a good night Lifetime Members for Life Jeff, Carrera and Solan.

There was music to ride by.  A custom bike with car battery, speakers, amp and a sweet play list.

Then there was the rather disturbing baby casket marked "RIP FBC Spokane."  Everyone signed it and left messages.  We will deliver to Spokane Saturday for their last ride.  Thanks to Lifetime Member for Life Dave for his work on this, it really was pretty cool.

For visuals, click HERE.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XIX

Try and keep up...

When: July 22nd @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Black

So, times are a changin.  FBC Spokane is calling it quits after 6 years.  The FBC Spokane founder, Jeff, is hanging up his hat (or helmet).  FBC Spokane is kinda of our sister club and Jeff is a stud.  They have done some damn good work down there in Spokane.  Here is a few things you may not know: they were voted the Best Bike Club in Spokane, many of the Spokane City Council Members have ridden with them, they average around 125 riders a month, they have done more than 70 Full Moon Rides, they have some bad ass spoke cards designs and the Spokane Mayor has ridden with them...I know you like random facts.

Pay attention.  We will ride on the Full Moon, on the 22nd, and we will dress in black respecting this end to an FBC era.  We will pay our respects in a proper way, by raising a glass and maybe pouring some 40s on the ground (no wait, we would never waste beer).  This ride will be a funeral procession of sorts as we celebrate life and bikes and how lucky we are to get together and ride under the Full Moon.  Dress accordingly.

The VERY LAST FBC SPOKANE ride is the following Saturday (July 27th) after our ride.  Many of us FBC Sandpoint Lifetime Members for Life will be traveling down to also join in on their last ride and pay homage.  Wanna go to?  I'm sure you do.  Stay tuned for joint details...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XVIII in Review

You all never cease to amaze.

65ish riders came with cash to Eich's.  You were all dressed in regular clothes, but I still recognized ya.  I ran out of spoke cards, but people continued to give money to the cause.  I guess you all like the sound of Free Beer.

Anyway, we left Eich's and cruised down the Dover path.  We hit Lakeview, did a loop through South Sand and ended at FBC Sandpoint Lifetime members for Life Dick and Linda's house.  These 2 are some of the most dedicated members.  They are always down to help the club and this night was no exception.  They had their place decked.  Fun times were had by all.  There were a couple of sprinkles.

In the end, we raised $300 for 24 Hours for Hank!  Thanks to all the contributed.  And a big thanks to the many hands that helped make the night a success.

Note: July is gonna be huge for the FBC.  I'm just giving you notice.  Mentally prepare yourselves.

For visuals, click HERE

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XVIII

Super Moon?  Whatever...

When: Tue, Jun 25th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: None

So, while all the amateur moon watchers will be gazing at the night sky in super moon disbelief, we will do the same thing we do every full moon...ride our bikes!

Couple things.  For those keeping track, the ride is not actually on the full moon.  OMG.  Are you done gasping, wheezing and throwing a fit?  Good.  There is no theme either.  OMG.  Are you about done with your hysterics?  Some changes this month.

First, many of the core FBC Sandpoint members will be doing this little bike race called the "Race Across America" during the actual full moon.  Second, no theme cause we want you to save your costume money.

The plan: we will ride to a destination where we will have FREE beer.  Yes.  What I ask is this--while people are off riding across the country, take a peek at the cause they are riding and raising money for (24 Hours for Hank).  Take the hard earned money you would have spent on a costume this month and the money you would have spent on beer for the night and bring it to Eich's.  THIS MONTH WE WILL ASK $5 FROM EACH OF YOU, WHICH WILL GET YOU A SPOKE CARD AND TICKETS FOR FREE BEER AT OUR FINAL DESTINATION.  Well, nothing is really "free."  All the money we collect for the evening will go to 24 Hours for Hank.

That is all.  See you on the other side...

Monday, June 10, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XVII in Review

45ish riders hit the streets for this last full moon ride.  We rode through West Sand and down a rather long, dark and mud-puddle-filled alley.  I think we may have lost a couple of "girls" there, not sure, but I did hear some screams.  Anyway, we hippies rode on over to Common Knowledge where Shelby and crew were ready and waiting.  We killed a couple kegs, but they had plenty of back up beer.  Job well done.

The moon came out and it was amazing.  And it was big.  And many people walked out and took pictures.

We gave out prizes.  Best dressed went to Life Time Member for Life Dave, a FBC Spokane and Sandpoint member who attended both rides for the month.  We also gave a special surprise to Julia, a rather new FBC Sandpoint member hailing all the way from New Hampshire.  I'm not sure exactly where that is or what people do there, but I'm sure they don't have rides like this.  We thought she should get an award for being from such a far place and being so rad.

So there.

Click HERE for visuals.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XVII

Hold on kids, these roman numerials are getting big...

When: Fri, May 24th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Hippie

Embrace your inner love child, or flower child, or whatever you wanna call it.  We will ride through the time vortex to a time when many of life's pleasure were free and easy to get.

Weather this Spring has been awesome.  We will do a little longer route again this month.

Let's see...anything else?  Nope, guess that is it.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XVI in Review

We are NOT a critical mass.  We have fun while obeying traffic laws.  Don't get it?  Then don't come.

So, our last ride we had 80+ riders show up for the April Full Moon Fiasco.  April is the Pink Moon and so our theme was simple, pink.  Many came dressed in pink, had pink accessories or even pink bikes.  In the end, FBC Lifetime Member for Life Dave went all out with his custom pink cruiser bike.  Nice work.

We took a nice extended loop through NW Sand and came down Pine to our final destination at Roxy's.  There was a rather big round about in the route.  Not sure why the regulars at Roxy's gave us funny looks when we came in??? I guess 80 rides dressed in pink in a biker (biker being motorcycle) bar is unusual.  Anyway, they warmed up and the staff did an amazing job handling the numbers.

We said good-bye to FBC Sandpoint Lifetime Members for Life Blair and Jim S.  They will be missed.  I saw some dancing and some skin (I didn't really wanna see it).  Jukeboxes are cool.

The weather was great and the moon did make an appearance...and yes, it was even pink.

For visuals, click HERE

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XVI

52 bikes last month you say?

When: Thur, Apr 25th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Pink

Note summer meeting time of 8pm.

Now it has been a while since we've done any educating on Full Moon knowledge.  The April Full Moon is often referred to as the Full Pink Moon.  Why?  Because during the Spring, pink moss is some of the earliest plant life to start coming to life.  You see you just learned something, and it really wasn't that complicated.

I realize that there are many, many different ways we could have went with the "Pink Moon" knowledge as it relates to our theme.  Things could have gotten real R rated.  Trust me, many beers were consumed over these brainstorming sessions.  In the end, you FBC riders are creative and imaginative on your own, so go forth armed with this info.

Grab some pink clothes, hats, bikes, etc and let's go ride.

P.S. Remember that headlights are required by law (tail lights are highly recommended).  And that we will not break traffic laws or impede traffic no matter our rider numbers.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XV in Review

Facebook how I loathe you...and then I kinda love you.  It appears that just maybe, and I really hate to shower too much praise here as our new facebook page is having an impact on our ride numbers...

People showed up at Eich's with a good representation of sweaters.  Some seemingly right off the Cosby set.  Others off some store rack where they should have never left.  And then there was an Easter bunny and a bunny helper.  They had basket full of eggs with surprises inside for everyone.  Damn you kids are creative.

Anyhow, people kept showing up and I ran out of spoke cards.  I will leave a note at the FBC Sandpoint Headquarters to make more cards next time.  You should make a note to bring a dollar and get there early if you wanna ensure you get one.

So, let's see, we left Eich's about 35ish strong.  We rode through West Sand, by the health club, through a round about (several times), down through South Sand, through a dark and musky alley and finally arrived at the Hydra.  Thanks to Abbey, Shelly and a third, just as awesome server with a name that escapes me, for taking care of our thirsty crew and staying open a lot later than normal.  Laughing Dog was flowing and good times were had.  FBC Lifetime Member for Life Jane did a bike count shortly after arriving and came up with 52.  So, 35 riders divided by 52, carry the 3, subtract 8...and we had some sort of security breach I guess.  But who cares, thanks to all that showed up.  52 bikes lined up along both sides of the street was very impressive.

In conclusion, the moon did finally make a grand appearance.  Cosby Jello prizes were awarded to best dressed members Angela, Marty, Dave and Michael.  Finally, Larson's donated a sweet apocalypse type knife/tool kit that went to new FBC Lifetime Member for Life Mac...who by the way is riding from Sandpoint to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska this June to raise money for the Sandpoint Food Bank ( he won't need it.

For visuals, click HERE

Monday, March 18, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XV

Wow, what a birthday party it was!  Now back to work...

When: Wed, Mar 27th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Cosby Sweaters

Grab your fashionable 80s sweater or whatever sweater you deem ugly enough to make our fashion police wanna bestow an award to you.  The weather promises to be cool.  However, the roads promise to be more rideable and clearer than ever this year.

This here March ride is a turning point, next month the weather will really start to warm, our rides will start to get a little longer and the number of final destination points will increase.  All good huh?  Oh, one more thing, this is the last time we will meet at 7pm, in April we will go back to 8pm meeting times for the summer.  Got it?  Good.

Oh, and another last thing, FBC Sandpoint now has a facebook page.  I realize some of you like how "events" can be created there.  I also hear some of you like to socialize in the facebook world and poke your friends and tell them about things your doing.  Go ahead and do that.  But the FBC Sandpoint website, you are now reading, will ALWAYS be the FINAL WORD for all things related to our rides.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XIV in Review

1 year, done.  If I may, these rides don't happen without the help of many hands.  Thanks to Lifetime Member for Life Fast Eddie and Jane for always pitching in, picking up the slack and making sure nothing gets forgotten.  Thanks to Lifetime Member for Life Ron for being the towel boy (not the sweat catcher either) and keeping people jazzed and energy levels high.  He is always down.  Thanks to Lifetime Member for Life Al for all things design and pretty.  Thanks to all our local watering holes for being so welcoming (none have asked us NOT to come back).  And finally, all you riders who continue to show up pumped to go ride and following our ONE rule: not being an asshole.  

Birthday ride, 25ish riders hit Eich's dressed for the occasion and ready to ride.  Well mostly...pumps aren't conducive to riding.  Cards were passed out and we headed out riding into West Sand, back South and finishing our loop at the DTC.  Darcy and crew were awesome!  They were very accommodating and even arranged to have Diagonal House play for us, good rock music.  We crowned a “King” and “Queen” for our semi-formal event: Lifetime Members for Life Tracy and Dick.  Presents were also handed out, as it was a birthday party after all (BIG thanks to Lifetime Members for Life Dick and Dr. Ed for their donations) and good times were had by all.

For visuals, click HERE

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XIV

This is it boys and girls.  FBC Sandpoint is turning 1 year old!  Yup, time to celebrate this rite of passage.

When: Mon, Feb 25th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Semi-Formal

We've been doing these rides for 1 year now.  I was gonna say it's B-Day ride, so riders should dawn there birthday suits...but upon further reflection and mental images I thought that was not a good idea.  In fact, let me barf...

...all good now.  Dress up in your besties, we will do a little ride and then end at an establishment that is very fond of FBC Sandpoint.  So much so, they are going all out for this event.  We even have a band for the evening.  Tell your friends, or frenemies, and let's pack the place!

In addition, we have been begging and pleading for swag, and there are plenty of give-aways.  Got some you wanna add?  Good!  Email me as we can always use more shit to give away.  In addition, we will be raffling off a...surprise (nothing happens for free)!

Need another reason to join?  How about some strippers?  Actually, that is not true...well, it might be who knows...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XIII in Review

13 is unlucky?  Whatever.  22ish riders came out on our spin that dipped into South Sand and then teetered on West Sand.  The roads were hard packed and very icy.  Nonetheless, riders showed up on a variety of bikes and all fared well.  We did some laps in the round about and the Sanpoint PD watched on and gave us a nod.  It was kinda a "Dre Day" like moment.

We ended at Mitzy's.  I could hear the growns as we pulled up.  I think by the end of the night everyone was surprised and impressed by the remodel and total change this bar has gone through as of late.  Thanks to the Mitzy's crew for staying open late and taking good care of us.  Definitely a place to hit up again!

Best Dressed?  We went Freestyle and FBC Sandpoint Lifetime Member for Life Linda took honors and a fresh new headlight for her Marge Simpson like look.

Next month is our birthday ride, stay tuned for details...there is gonna be some dope shit.

For visuals, click HERE

Friday, January 18, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XIII

This is Fiasco "13" if you can't figure out roman numerals, spooky huh?

When: Sun, Jan 27th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Freestyle

So, some of you...OK a lot of you...have made note of this little film fest traveling through our small town on the same weekend as out next full moon ride.  I normally don't cater to complainers, but I kinda already got tickets as well...

Gather at Eichs Sunday wearing whatever the hell ya want, hence the "freestyle" theme.  Surprise me.  Wear whatever it is that you love to wear, but normally wouldn't.  There will be prizes for best dressed.

No, I haven't put much effort into this month as the crack FBC Sandpoint team has been working on February's Full Moon Fiasco ride which will be our 1st Birthday.  We are gonna amp it up.  Stay tuned for dets on that.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Full Moon Fiasco XII in Review

Late.  Yes, I know.  Here ya go...

The last Full Moon ride was a Christmas themed ride.  Even though Christmas had passed.  We rode bikes from Eich's through downtown, into South Sand for a short spell and then did a loop through an alley.  We rode even though there was snow and ice.  We ended at the CWC Winebar for warm drinks and social.  We went to the Winebar even though they thought we might be a little too low brow for them.  Once at the Winebar we also had our FBC Sandpoint gift exchange.  We had a gift exchange even though most were somewhat hesitant and scared to open their random gift from fellow FBC members.

You see, we here at FBC Sandpoint do things even though.

We had a great time.  Thanks to the FBC Spokane members that came on the ride, it is always a treat.  And in the end, the Winebar staff had all warmed up to us and didn't want us to leave (well, one of those statements is true).

For visuals, click HERE