Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Full Moon Fiasco VIII in Review

50ish riders turned out for what could have been our last warm summer night ride.  What a great turn out for our Hawaiian Luau themed ride.  This was the second moon in August, and therefore a rare Blue Moon.  It did not disappoint!

50 riders going through town was a great scene.  As I looked back over the pack, we covered at least 2 city blocks.  A note on our riders this month, we had riders from Lewiston, CDA, Spokane and even a couple from Canada (we now have international members).  Anyhow, we headed through West Sand and back South to the Dover bikepath.  The bikepath just received a new paving and it didn't even seem like you needed to pedal as we coasted our way to Dover Bay.

Once at Dover, Dish was ready and waiting for us.  Thanks to Gary and his crew for staying open late to accommodate us.  We had a couple birthdays and the birthdays girls got the receiving end of a FBC spanking line.  Happy B Day Jame,s Becky and a blond...whose name I forgot!

There was also an impromptu limbo contest and Lifetime Member for Life Tracy got down REAL low.  Congrats.

Lastly, Best Dressed was very difficult to determine.  Our judges had a heated discussion and we decided that we should let the people decide.  What a mistake.  I lined up our 3 finalists: Liz, Tracy and Becky.  As I had the crowd yell for their favorite, there appeared to be no clear winner.  They all 3 looked great.  Obviously, our judges weren't the only ones having a tough time deciding.  In the end, awards went to Liz.  For those keeping track, Liz has been dominating the Best Dressed.  I'd love to see her closet.

For visuals, click HERE

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