Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Full Moon Fiasco VIII

August and it's our 2nd Fiasco of the month, a Blue Moon.

When: Aug 31st @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Hawaiian Luau

Summer is in full swing, so let's celebrate!  We'll take a cruise under the moon and end at a very festive place for our Luau.

A reminder, Idaho law requires a front light and at least a reflector on the back of your bike.  Let's be safe and not draw negative attention to our ride.  Lights are cheap...cheaper than the fine or hospital bill if you land in the ditch.  Enough finger wagging.

As always, there will be awards for Best Dressed...needless to say you have all been putting on your best and our panel of judges are really having to work for their money (or lack there of).


  1. As a non-avid biker who would also like to enjoy a blue moon bike ride, will the ride be very long and or difficult...? Is there a certain route?

    1. Full Moon ride routes are a surprise and details aren't released early. What I can tell you is we always ride 20-40 minutes. These are social rides versus fitness rides. We stay as a group and go slow. Most all routes are on paved roads and in Sandpoint and surrounding burbs. Hope that helps.