Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Full Moon Fiasco V in Review

OK, so I am no weather man.  I called for nice weather for this ride and instead we had a forecast for damaging winds, torrential rain, floods and hail.  A reminder that we do live in North Idaho.

I showed up to Eich's in my 80s garb not expecting too many, if any, other riders.  Boy was I wrong!  FBCers poured in to Eich's dressed to the tee in a flashback to the time of Skid Row and Joan Jet.  20ish riders in all gathered inside for the ride.

What started as a light rain soon turned to a downpour as we made our way across town to the Long Bridge, with the LBG being our ultimate destination.  In some sort of wet trifecta, the rain was coming down in copious amounts, there was major amounts of freestanding water on the bridge and then an unusual amount of truck traffic crossing the bridge and throwing even more water our way.  Did I mention it was wet?  The good news, it was warm and we actually had a good time laughing and forging our way.

Once at the LBG, we were able to dry out with some LBG Amber beer specials.  The owner, Dan, also had some 80s music spinning (not literally) and the staff (his wife) took great care of all the riders.  Thanks to FBC Lifetime Member for Life Dave for setting this up.

We had a huge number of people dress up for the event and our team of crack judges had a hard time deciding Best Dressed.  We let democracy play out as everyone voted for FBC Lifetime Member for Life Liz.  I had hastily grabbed a Disco Bell as the prize and was "gently" reminded that represented the wrong decade.  Just be happy I had something.  Thanks to all that participated, it was a lot of fun.

I'd also like to give some major props to FBC Lifetime Member for Life Ron who NEVER misses a ride and in fact usually arranges his travel schedule so he can be in town.  For this Full Moon Fiasco he wasn't so lucky and found himself in Seattle.  Not to be deterred, he did his own route there and at the same time we were out...a sort of satellite ride.  Nice work!

One last note, I'm glad everyone came out to the LBG, but shame on those that drove to the Full Moon Fiasco destination...remember "bike" is in the club name.

For visuals, click HERE

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