Saturday, April 14, 2012

Full Moon Fiasco IV

Tome algunos pesos y su bicicleta.  Es hora de que otro Fiasco de Luna Llena...Cino de Mayo de estilo!

When: Sat, May 5th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Guess?

In some stroke of good fortune, Full Moon Fiasco IV falls on Cinco de Mayo and on a Saturday night.  This should be epic.

There will be a slightly longer route around town than last time.  Our final destination promises some fine margaritas and the opportunity to discuss yet again why the French suck.

Don't forget 100 pesos for your commemorative spoke card for the evening.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Full Moon Fiasco III in Review

As our fellow FBCers in Chicago say, "Whether snow, sleet, rain, flood, or just cold as shit...though sometimes late, we never cancel a ride."

As our 20ish riders headed out of Eich's for our ride, the weather was a big question as it had been pouring down rain/hail earlier.  No worries though as we didn't encounter any rain on the ride, the air seemed warmer than normal and the Full Moon even peaked out of the clouds a few times.  

Our route went through West Sand and included a trip through the round-about which is quite the site!  We had it full of bikers as onlookers cheered us on.  Down the road we rendezvoused with one of our FBC Sandpoint Founding Lifetime Members for Life at the Centennial Park.  Apparently the FBC bunny had spread a bunch of eggs in the field.  They contained some treats, bike parts (small) and a gift certificate to Eich's.  Congrats Shawn(sp?)!  The FBC bunny is rather thoughtful as the eggs had reflective tape making it easier for our challenged bunch to gather them all.

After the egg hunt, it was back downtown to MickDuff's Brewing.  They were thrilled to have the club come down and offered us beer and pitcher specials.  Amber, Matt and the crew took great care of the usual.  Thanks guys!

Many riders choose to wear some Easter related gear for the ride.  But ONE FBC Lifetime Member for Life went above and beyond...if you dawn a full bunny suit you are a shoe in for Best Dressed.  Congrats LMFL Lindz!

For visuals, click HERE