Friday, March 16, 2012

Full Moon Fiasco III

I hope by now people are starting to get the hang of this.  We post a ride, you show up, ride and have fun and then we post a recap.  Easy.

Everyone has liked the spoke cards and design work done for FBC Sandpoint...I agree.  Many, many thanks to FBC Lifetime Member for Life Al for all his creativity and time.  Don't forget to budget a dollar for the night to get your commemorative spoke card.

Next ride is NOT on a school night!

When: Fri, Apr 6th @ 8pm
Where: Eichardt's

I hear the Easter Bunny will be paying a visit and spreading some special FBC Sandpoint eggs.  So, maybe a little egg hunt during the ride...bring your basket.

We have another cool route through town planned.  As the weather gets nicer, we'll make the routes a little longer.  But I've heard all the crying about not being in bike shape yet.  Blah, blah...these rides are social and easy cruises.


  1. Hey some Questions! Can a couple of Lifetime Members For Life from Spokane ride with the Lifetime Members For Life in Sandpoint?

    Is cross cultural relations like that even ALLOWED?

    If our children have 23 fingers would it be because we've inbred with the LMFL in Sandpoint?

    Do we need special documentation to ride with you?

    Most importantly, would we be the first cross cultural LMFL from Spokane to ride with you? '

    We're thinking May'ish.

    Jacque Hendrix and Susan Pike

    1. Hmm, great questions. YES to all...well except the 23 fingers part...although I really can't say that definitively as FBC Sandpoint hasn't been around long enough to produce any offspring.

      What I can say is there aren't any "membership police" which happens to be a good thing as there isn't any membership paperwork either. This is a loose group.

      But more to the point, we would love to have some LMFL from Spokane come ride with us! Quite frankly we are happy when anyone new comes on the rides.

      I would add one final thought, you "big city" LMFL might be used to certain amenities and services. We've put a little North Idaho twist on our rides. Nonetheless, they are equally FUN!

      Hope to see you there...and let's hope May has some good weather.