Friday, January 6, 2012

Dream come true

This is the start of FBC Sandpoint. We already have 3 Lifetime Members for Life and we are super stoked to get things going. I'd like to give some props to Chris and Jace who have been leading some Sandpoint "full moon rides" for awhile, but wanna now make it official. Jeff at FBC Spokane for his help, advice and blessing in starting a FBC chapter here in Sandpoint. Lifetime Members for Life are a friendly and generous bunch and I'm honored to be a small cog in the larger bike cluster. Thanks to those that had the initial idea and motivation to make it happen in St. Louis: Bussmann and the Todorovich Bros.

I think it is only appropriate now to relay the first ever FBC post to appear online:

"The FBC is a global bike club dedicated to bicycles, beer, and mayhem. The only membership requirements are the participation in one of the rides, and not being an asshole. The full moon fiasco is our flagship ride. It happens every full moon. We meet at 10:30, drink, then ride at 11:30 or 12:00. The route changes every month, and it (the route) is determined the night of the event."

Each club has their own particulars, but the format and goals are the same.

Keep up on when the next ride is by either checking back here or signing up for email notifications at top, left. After each ride we'll also post a recap and some pics to remind you of what you did.


  1. awesome! yeah! hell yeah! cool! sweet! yeah...

    1. Ummm, sorry Dave but the FBC does not allow tall bikes...too much liability when drinking. Just kidding, see you there!