Monday, January 9, 2012

1st Full Moon Fiasco

Here we go, 1st Full Moon Fiasco for FBC Sandpoint.

When: Wednesday, Feb 8th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's

Bring a buck and we will have a limited edition, 1st Full Moon Fiasco, FBC Sandpoint (that's a mouth full) spoke card!

Theme?  Mardi Gras!  So grab some beads and party clothes...there will be a prize for best dressed.

Once we are fueled at Eichs, we will hit the roads for a little ride to our destination for a little more fun!

Dress for a little cool weather!


  1. Jan. 9th was preride to the fiaso coming up in Feb, but I thought I'd write a little blurb about it:)
    We started at Eich's at 7, had a couple drinks and listened to the melodies of Truck Mills (no relation). From there we had to get some fresh air and headed to the beautiful City Beach!
    We were waiting for some other FBC members and were told they were "on their way", so we prepared for the to a bush.
    They arrived and got a good FBC welcome, and everyone was introduced to new members.
    After chatting for a bit we decided to head to the infamous Tervan where every part of our bodies would be warmer except for our hands:) The FBC proceeded to take over the Tervan; downing pitchers of Rainer beer, getting into a rowdy game of Yahtzee, and taking pictures with Mrs. Sarah Palin who was so kind to pose in her red power suit!
    I can't wait to see what the Fiasco has in store for the FBC. From the name...I think we have a winner already!

  2. Thanks for the recap Cody! Live music, ambushes and Sarah Palin all on a Tuesday night!

  3. The 9th was a blast, cant wait for the next ride :)

  4. I noticed that the farmers almanac states the full snow moon is on the 7th. Just checking to be sure not to miss a ride.

    R. House

  5. Ahh, good eye. We will shoot for the "actual" full moon whenever possible, but some rides may deviate from actual by a day or so if there are calendar conflicts. There are races this Tuesday (7th) so Feb ride is on Wednesday.