Friday, February 9, 2018

Full Moon Fiasco 76

Another year in the books...

When: Wed, Feb 28th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Formal Birthday Attire

FBC Sandpoint is turning 6!! I know, hard to believe it's been 6 years huh? Anyways, this is our annual birthday ride.

This evening will be a pretty big deal.  There will be some live music (or at least a good chance).  There will be some embarrassing stories of FBC's younger days (highly good chance).  There will be awards for Best Dressed male/female (highly, highly good chance).  There will be a bike ride (most def).  There will be the crowning of the highly coveted FBC Sandpoint Member of the Year (for sure).  There will be some random goodies given away (hot damn).

See you then!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Full Moon Fiasco 75 in Review

20ish riders collected at Eich's for our last ride. You can see by the spoke card it happened to be National Work Naked Day. The thought of riding naked in the winter was less than exciting. Also, some people really just shouldn't be naked. And so we we all wore clothes for the ride.

Our ride also happened to fall on the eve of Groundhog Day. So, our ride took on a Bill Murray type feel as we rode a short loop and came right back to Eich's. There Doug and staff had our drinks sitting right where we left them. We hung for a while. Some riders started to get restless. So, we mounted up again and did the same short loop ending back guessed it. Eich's. Again, our drinks were right where we had left them. We rewarmed ourselves, and decided to call it a night. It was a wet, cold evening but relatively warm for February.

Thanks to Doug and staff for playing along in our stupid game. Thanks to Jeff for the motivation.

Our next ride will be Feb 28th, and we will celebrate 6 glorious years of FBC Sandpoint. Stay tuned...

For visuals, well we only got one lousy picture, so here ya go.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Full Moon Fiasco 75

February here we come...

When: Thur Feb 1st @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Not Working Naked

It has been said several times already, but obviously it is gonna be stated again. We started January with technically 2 full moons (Jan 1st and 31st). February has no full moons and March has 2 as well (1st and 31st).

Sometimes, for various reasons, some within our control and some out of our control cause us here at FBC Sandpoint to change the full moon ride to a day earlier or later than the actual full moon. The next couple rides will be examples.

You may not know, but February 1st is National Work Naked Day. That's right. We are NOT gonna do that. We are not gonna have any theme as we all prepare for our next ride on Feb 28th which will be our annual FBC Sandpoint Birthday Ride (celebrating 6 years).

Friday, January 26, 2018

Full Moon Fiasco 74 in Review

2018 and FBC Sandpoint HQ is off to a slow start.

On another note, we started January with technically 2 full moons (Jan 1st and 31st). February has no full moons and March has 2 as well (1st and 31st). Weird huh?

And finally, we rang in the new year with a ride on January 2nd. We had 20ish riders for the cold, icy night. We even had a group from New England here visiting family that decided to come on the ride and partake in the fun. New England should not be confused with England by the way. Just as New Mexico and Mexico are very, very different. This point and some others was lost on a couple FBC members.

Well, the brave souls from "New" England had some loaner bikes that made navigating our slick streets even more challenging than it needed to be. They ended up doing an abridged version of the route. We all rejoined at A&P's for drinks and tall tales. The night ended with some Deep Eddie, and I don't remember much after that.

For visuals, click HERE.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 74

First ride of 2018!

When: Tue, Jan 2nd @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Run it up the Flagpole

Well, as I sit here and type, we are getting pounded by another major snow storm. Conditions for our next ride may be challenging, but then again, no one said riding your bike EVERY full moon of the year was gonna be easy.

Our next ride happens to follow on the obscure holiday of, "Run it up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes it Day." The name of this holiday comes from the English language expression, run it up a flagpole and see if anyone salutes it, which means putting new ideas and ventures to test and to see if they gain acceptance and popularity, just like a flag would have respect by people saluting it.

So, I can see you scratching your head and wondering how this works as a ride theme. Well, first it is the start of a new year. Which often means it is a good time to try something new or make some change. That's what they say at least. Although, really anytime of the year is a good time to do those things.

Second, this holiday is about testing out those new ideas. This will be your chance to bounce your recently conceived new ideas off your fellow FBC friends in a warm and safe environment. You won't be judged or ridiculed for your lack of forethought or planning. Maybe you wanna start online dating? Bring it. Or maybe you wanna quite your job? Bring it. Maybe you wanna dye your hair purple? Bring it. Or maybe you wanna hit the road, travelling the country and playing sweet music with Josh Hedlund? Wait that me. Anyways, you get the idea. See you next week.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 73 in Review

Our annual Festivus ride happens every December. 30+ riders collected this year at Eich's dressed in their finest holiday threads. With wrapped gifts in hand, we had some holiday cheer and then headed out into the beautiful clear, cold night. I said we would do a shorter route, but I lied. The weather and roads were just too nice not to ride a little longer. We headed out to 41 South.

The fireplace was amazing. Emily and the rest of the staff were equally amazing at making sure everyone got plenty more holiday cheer.

We had our gift exchange which is always a hoot. The FBC Sandpoint Festivus pole was also on location in all its glory. This year's gift highlights included: frosty the snowman cut out, rubber band gun, pregnancy test/drug test, bottle of wine...and I'm sure some others I can't remember.

Lastly, a special thanks to FBC Lifetime Member for Life Christine for providing musical instruments at 41 South. It was truly a fine evening.

For visuals, click HERE.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Full Moon Fiasco 73

Last ride of the year...

When: Mon, Dec 4th @ 7pm
Where: Eichardt's
Theme: Festivus

Here we go! After 50+ years, everyone should know about Festivus. But if you don't, this little Seinfeld video will bring you up to speed.

A few things you should know. First, decorate your bike and yourself. It will help you get in the holiday spirit...unless you are already in the spirit, then you will already be excited to decorate. 

Next go shopping for a gift for our FBC gift exchange ($5 limit) and bring it wrapped and unmarked.

We will leave Eich's and do a shorter route through town while sticking to main arteries if there is foul weather. It is winter, and you may have noticed weather can change quickly around here. We will end our ride somewhere warm and full of glee. We will gather around our durable and strong aluminum pole, flanked by all our presents. In FBC Sandpoint style, there will be NO airing of grievances or feets of strength...well, there may be those things depending on the hour and amount of spiked eggnog.  Anyways, at our destination we will commence with our annual FBC Gift Exchange (if you don't bring a gift, you can sit in the corner like a old miserable scrooge) as we sip holiday cheer... and hopefully someone will have too much, get rowdy and embarrass themselves...hopefully it is not me.